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Sophisticated packaging and exotic scents are not, in all honesty what we think of when the Body Shop comes to mind. However, prepare yourselves; as The Body Shop has had a dramatic make over, one that not even us bloggers were expecting!

We were beyond pleasantly surprised when we were invited to attend an intimate bloggers event promoting the new ‘Spa of the World‘ and ‘Italian Summer‘ collection launch, held at the Seattle Hotel in the suitably scenic Brighton Marina.

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Following a beautiful presentation we were treated to delicious salmon and chicken canapés, alongside some proper chunky chips, Prosecco aplenty as well as indulgent strawberry eaton mess desserts whilst testing the new products on offer. Tummy’s now properly full, the teams at both Body Shop and Seattle set about making us feel looked after and were attentive and enthusiastic in doing so. The evening was made even more special by the presence of our lovely fellow bloggers such as Belle du Brighton, Jayne Kitsch, Diary of an Honest Woman and Little Chica.

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Danielle’s favourites;

I was particularly blown away by a few products from the collection. As someone who loves oils, (I use them every night) I was particularly intrigued by The Body Shop new Spa range. An indulgent collection of spa products aimed to transport you into relaxation from the comfort of your home. The oils, both the massaging oils and the radiance facial oil were ultra luxurious to touch. Silky soft, absorbing easily into the skin! I look forward to trying their Radiance Face Oil. 

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Having not used any Body Shop products for over ten years, I was pleasantly surprised by their skincare range, in particular the Drops of Youth collection. The overnight mask treatment feels like memory foam, all spongey and bouncy. Which is applied at night and removed in the morning for amazing results. This product is on my wishlist for sure.

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On the make up side, there is a lovely range of bronzers, tinted moisturisers and lipstick balms, but my favourite was the Honey Bronze Dome Bronzer (shade 03). You can create an easy, on the go contour look in seconds. It is amazing. The packaging is small enough to fit in your handbag and needs only your fingers to apply. Genius.

Natalies Favourites;

My relationship with The Body Shop has been a long one, I remember a ‘Bring your daughter to work scheme‘ where I went to the head offices in Littlehampton as a year 8 girl. I can’t remember why – as my mother didn’t work there, but it was amazing! I spent the day touring their factories on the tour bus, listening to board meetings and got to raid the outlet shop afterwards. There was also an amazing photo gallery of the different places they sourced their ingredients from including one of a tribal man carrying tens of bricks from his you know what! The grand finale to the amazing tour, and a indication of the fun The Body Shop stood for. Basically I remember The Body Shop when they were really rather cool! However, as I passed by my teens I fell a little out of love with TBS as I felt I grew and they didn’t seem to have grown alongside me. However, if the wonderful event showed me anything it was how wrong I have been and what I have been missing out on! 

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One of my favourites was the Italian Summer Fig perfume which was totally intoxicating! The bottle was just as lovely in cut glass with a green tint, it looks like summer in a beautiful bottle. Not only have I been wearing this scent but I’ve also been using it as a scent around the home (This is something I do with my favourite perfumes as I think they make the BEST home fragrances) and have my fingers crossed that the Body Shop will extend the range into a scented candle! I also went to bed covered in the equally beautifully smelling Body Oil, which feels divine yet not ‘oily’ so is perfect for popping on quickly before bed.

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I LOVE make-up and was equally as impressed with the Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome as this is totally idiot proof and great for a busy mum like me, no brushes, no liquid on my hand, its almost like a grown up make up crayon! Perfect! The packaging is beautiful again and so this is sitting proudly among my Mac and Chanel in my beauty bag. Ill definitely be heading in store to buy the contour version Danielle loves so much and these will make the perfect little stocking fillers for friends and family later this year!

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Im also super excited about the Drops of Youth collection too and want it all but especially the spongey mask!

Finally, I am fascinated by the charcoal products that are entering the market currently, and so was delighted to discover the Charcoal Body Mask in the fabulous goody bag the Body Shop kindly gifted us with. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet but am looking forward to doing so and so ill be certain to report back on this one in the next week…….
Thank you so much to Body Shop for inviting us to their #SummerEdit event. 

Love Natalie & Danielle xx

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