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The Limited Edition Mens Birchbox

As you are all aware Fathers day has been and gone last Sunday. This is a date that always plagues me as having 4 children who are all under 11 means having to think up 4 presents for the kids to buy/make for their father. Sadly what a 3-year-old thinks their daddy will like ( A toy train or dinosaur FYI) doesn’t always line up with what their daddy ACTUALLY wants. In addition my children’s Daddy is particularly fussy.  Add to this trying to avoid the obviously or typical gifts associated with Fathers Day, it becomes increasingly harder each year that passes for me to add that element of ‘surprise’!    

My Fiancé and I with our huge brood at Vogue Festival wearing Vintage Ossie Clark.

Therefore I was delighted to receive an email from one of my new favourites Birchbox telling me about their one-off mens box, and suggesting it might be the perfect present for Fathers day. Clever marketing and perfect timing, because as a new subscriber I have had to keep my beady eye on my fiancé as he quietly inspects my Birchbox delivery each month and looks on jealously as I tell him “Sorry, it’s not for boys!”. A quick flick through the comments box on their website revealed some very happy husbands/boyfs with the Xmas edition, so I pressed the buy now button and felt very pleased with myself.

When it arrived I couldn’t help but have a sneaky peak myself, and on looking inside I finally understood those pangs of jealously my fiancé feels each month! I couldn’t resist a sniff of all the products and wanted to slip into the super soft orange and grey stripe socks by Richer Poorer. I was intoxicated by the scents from the products which included Anthony Logistics High Performance Anti-Wrinkle glycollic Peptide Serum, Gentlemen’s Tonic Daily Moisturiser, English Laundry Notting Hill atomizer, Fireside Bath & Shower Gel, Mazorin Face Scrub and Closed on Monday Deluxe Pomade. But most of all I was totally in love with the box design itself, in a stunning blue and gold with a pull out drawer and products encased in black tissue paper.

Anthony Logistics

Anthony Logistics

The big day arrived and my fiancé tore his way through the usual suspects, chocolates just for him(which the kids promptly tucked into) a ‘Boy” flick DVD, a new gym membership and then THE BOX! His eyes lit up, and his reaction was exactly the same as mine each month. I of course instructed immediately DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING OUT I have to Instagram it! (other bloggers will understand this) To which I was told ‘sod off’ as he promptly made a mess of the display, remove the labels of the socks and stuffed the whole lot into his gym wash bag.

And so that’s it. No pictures to share, no product reviews, just a great big manly recommendation. If you have a brother/father/boyfriend/GBF or so on buy this for your man. You and he won’t regret it! BIRCHBOX I think its time for a mens monthly subscription! And in the meantime I am using the discarded box for my make up brushes which fit perfectly and look great!

Tell us what your top Fathers day Gifts in the comment box below!

Click here to see & Buy box.

Natalie x

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