Welcome to Lady Loves Beauty!

The sister blog to Lady Loves Fashion LLB brings you the latest product reviews, interviews, top tips,catwalk trends, spas, health & wellbeing and even a little bit of beauty for the men in your life. 

Co-edited by Fine artist, former model & beauty junkie Danielle Alexandria and Fashion historian, stylist and fashion editor Natalie Courtois.

Regular attendees to Fashion weeks and ‘Press only events’ we aim to share our insight with you on the newest in innovations in the beauty field but also to give you a personal insight into both what we love as individuals and the people behind the brands we love. 


“Im always looking for the next best thing, that wonder cream or amazing foundation, new things, new promises, technology and discoveries in skincare and beauty, its an obsession, this inner feeling of ‘needing’ to know and needing to know first!”


As a busy mum of 4 I’m always on the search for products that give me that wonderful feeling of a little bit of daily luxury. Home spa treatments are my saviour and since joining forces with Danielle I have become beauty & skincare obsessed! I love bold colour and so look to catwalk trends to inspire my ‘going out’ make up looks” 

Feel free to drop us a line at: 


Danielle & Natalie 

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