We absolutely love a candle at LLHQ! I find them the perfect accompaniment after a stressful day for creating some nice mood lighting or ambience. We focused heavily on the Danish way of Hygge the last few months and hearing that they burn the most candles than anywhere else in the world gave me a challenge to light candles more often. We can’t have the Danes beating us now can we?! 

Christmas candles leave a scent throughout your whole home, like a spicy hug! With so many variations in scent the is something for everyone. Whether it’s splashing out on an expensive candle or adding one as part of a gift we have a selection for all budgets below. 

Yankee Candles Large Pillar in ‘Rivera Escape’ & ‘Peony’ £18.99

Truly Lovely ‘Winter Spice’ candle £25 

Kenneth Turner Winter Berries Candle in Vase £42

The White Company ‘Winter Signature’ Candle £20′

Landon Tyler ‘Winter Woods’ Candle £8

Paul Costello ‘Cashmere & Linen’ Candle £12