Words Natalie Courtois

There is little more I find relaxing then laying back into a boiling hot bath with a delicious scented body oil filing the room and my skin with it’s relaxing scent. 

Therefore I was delighted to recieve this fabulous Elemental Herbology Botanical Bathing Infusions within my goody bag from the Look Fantastic  London Fashion Week Bloggers lounge. 

Packaged in a gorgeous box it contains 5 X 30ml bottles of the brands 100% natural oils based around the themed elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Metal and Wood. 

For relaxation choose Earth Balance which restores equilibrium and centres the mind or  Water Soothe which relieves tension and stress. 

To invigorate choose either Fire Zest which promotes vitality, energy and clarity or Wood Rejuvenation. 

And to detox try Metal Detox to purify and to eliminate toxins. 

The recommended dosage of 3 caps (about 2/3 of a bottle) was a little too oily for me, and I found 2 caps were pleanty so you could get 2 baths from each miniature bottle making it about £3.50 per bath and worth every single penny as each of the smells were divine and my skin felt amazing afterwards. You can also use this on skin before showering if you don’t have a bath at home. 

It’s a delightful little gift too with Christmas rearing it’s head around the corner. Sadly for my loved ones mine is staying firmly on MY bathroom shelf. This ones far too good to give away!