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Words: Natalie Courtois

Oh I do love a scrub. There is something about ‘scrubbing the day away’ or even waking up the day with a good scrub that leaves me feeling ready for anything. 

In fact if sandpaper were to be rebranded and made to smell good I’d be sold! But as B&Q haven’t yet tapped into the beauty market I’ve been raiding the shelves in search of new brands to try out and came across these three beauties that I think will work for most people. 

For me a scrub has got to have some ompf. (See earlier sandpaper notes) I like it to feel like it’s doing something. I’m not interested in anything ‘tickling’ me gently. I want that dead skin GONE! However, I’m also very aware of the recent bad press surrounding scrubs, in particular those containing micro-beads and so the three I’ve suggested below are all micro-bead free and, in the most part, organic & natural ingredients . 🙌🏼 

For hair: 

Christophe Robin: Scrub Lavant puritant au sel Marin £39 (250ml- approx 20 washes)  SPACE NK 

New to Space NK French brand Christophe Robin is the celebrity hair stylist to Kylie, Nicole Kidman et al, specialising in ‘natural’ looking hair.

He has a fabulous range of products, shampoos and conditioners that work to the colour of your hair, whether natural or a little enhanced. His products are free of Parabens, silicon, SLES and oxidants 

His hair scrub shampoo is pure genius for two reasons. Firstly it uses sea salt as its hero ingredient. Drying you might think? NOT.AT. ALL! My dry flaky scalp, the result of the years of weekly nit treatments I have endured (I have 4 kids with thick curly brown hair, seriously you can practically see the nits bouncing off the other kids heads straight onto the mothership, otherwise know as my kids heads every Monday morning!) was cleared almost immediately with the first wash. Et viola! 

Using just a tablespoon amount which you apply to wet hair, focussing on the scalp before adding a little water to sud before rinsing well with water to leave hair LITERALLY squeaky clean. 

The second reason it’s brilliant is because it’s lifted the colour of my hair to an amazing shining glossy shade of natural me! After years, and I mean years of dying my hair at home I’ve been left with a ‘residue’ from all these different shades. However since using this product I’ve literally been asked every time I see my friends and family  if I’ve had my hair dyed because the colour is amazing. I have not dyed my hair now for almost 4 month and with exception to a few grey hairs that need addressing I’ve never been happier with my colour! 

High praise indeed. My new fav beauty hero! 

For Face: 

Huygens Paris Le Gommage Visage Face Scrub £17.90 (ml) Birchbox

Up until recently a was using a well known store brand Micro-deabrisian facial scrub that I LOVED. However I discovered two things about it that meant I had to change.

Firstly it used micro-beads. Now it is my belief once you have been educated in something, to keep on using or doing it knowing its negative impact on our environment simply because you ‘love it’ is a little bit ridiculous. Honestly there are plenty of products out there NOT killing our environment! 

Secondly, I discovered that far from doing my dry flaky face good as I suspected it was doing it was actually adding to the problem, drying out my sensitive skin more, creating redness and further flakyness. 

Since then I’ve discovered this product at the Selfridges Christmas press event in my specially created Birchbox. It uses rice powder particles giving me the perfect balance of firm yet gentle scrub while releasing a zesty lemony scent. Not usually my thing but in this case surprisingly pleasant. My skin feels soft, free of flaky nose (my problem area) and the tub has a delightful Parisain pharmacy appeal leaving me feeling all oh lala afterwards. 

For Body: 

Korres Pure Greek Olive Body Scrub Orange Blossom £12

Discovered at the duty free in Kos, Greece this summer after a 4 hr delayed flight home, this brand was a new and very welcome discovery to my beauty shelf. The Korres display was plentiful but I decided on this alongside a matching shower gel as the scent was divine. Sadly my partner agrees and the bottle is going down way quicker then I intended! Extra annoying as I can’t find this scent anywhere in the UK so far( I’ve linked to their rose version which I expected to be just as lovely as I love anything rose scented) The scrub again is tough enough to remove unwanted dead skin but leaves skin feeling amazingly soft due to the Olive Oil while leaving your skin smelling sweet the whole day through. 

Do you like a scrub? Have any brands you’d like us to try for you? Pop us a comment below. 

This is NOT a sponsored post.