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As I mentioned in my piece about What Hygge means to me over on Lady Loves Fashion home spa is a big part of this, and as such I’ve been really enjoying taking some time to myself at the end of a stressful day looking after four kids. 

The real thing is all very well and good but there is something very satisfying about knowing that, when the wind, rain, screaming and school run all get too much you can close the door, run a bath and lock it all out. Well for an hour or so anyway!

So I was delighted to discover the range by Thalgo. Created from the sea in 1964 Thalgo are experts in Marine Intelligence and look to the sea for their Marine spa and Beauty products. 

I started my home spa by lighting their Polynesia Scented Candle £19.95 which smelt divine! It’s an intensively smelling candle but for me that’s no bad thing and I loved it before I had even taken it out of the box, which felt approximately luxurious while still having a reassuring ‘clinical feel’ that you would expect with a Marine biologist brand. 

Scented with a soothing Tahitian Vanilla the clean burning candle immediately set me at ease while I ran a lovely hot bath and popped in one of their Precious Milk Bath Effervescent Sugars £22.  

These individually wrapped, sweet smelling cubes fizzled away in the bath giving a light bubbling but relaxing sensation to my skin while smelling divine and turning the bath into a milky pool of lusciousness. 

Being individually wrapped also means they are great for if you are travelling meaning you can take your little bit of sanctuary with you. 

I really loved my first experience of Thalgo and since have revisited their website in search of other products to try. They also do a Men’s line which could be great as my fiancé has a tendency to nab my products so I’m always on the look out for distractions! 

Watch this space! 
Words: Natalie Courtois