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How often do you take the time to indulge, relax and pamper yourself at home? I know I certainly don’t take the time – I’m always too busy or begrudge myself the luxury. Since we have embarked on this Hygge adventure, it really began to resonate with me this idea of indulgence, not in the spank your credit card kind of way, but more to do with the ‘self’ our personal state of mind and well being. Why is ‘taking time out’ for ourselves so difficult to do sometimes? I have made it my mission to install more positive habits, such as treating myself to some me time as often as I can starting with weekly face masks. I know, contain yourself – I am crazy.

I consulted my beauty cabinet to see what masks I already had on the shelf.. I noticed a box that was rather dusty.. my Wei Beauty Mask Trio. Ahh I remember buying this a few months ago, with the intent to do some at home pampering. The layer of dust casually strewn on top of the mini mask box, is a tell tale sign that this, did not in fact, happen once. The intentions were there but sadly not one of these wee masks had yet to venture outside the box. After dusting off the top, I opened up the box to enlighten myself once again with what I had purchased. 

wei beauty mask trio space nk
The Wei Beauty Mask trio comes with three individual pots of masks and a lovely little brush for application. At £16 for three masks including the brush I thought this was a bit of a steal to say the least. Wei are a fantastic brand (stocked at my all time favourite beauty store Space NK) their CC cream has been a staple in my make up bag for years. A brand that is worth its weight and delivers in terms of results. I was eagerly looking forward to trying the masks out. But which one first, I hear you ask.

The trio includes, Bee Venom Anti-Wrinkle Cream Mask, Brown Sugar Ready Glow Exfoliating Mask & Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask. A selection of masks targeted for specific concerns, whether that be ageing, dullness, hydration – these masks have you covered. 

I opted for the Bee Venom, I have a thing about products that tingle or slightly burn the skin (not in a horrific face fire burning way, but more the chemical peel / resurfacing tingle sensation you get whilst using chemical exfoliants – you really feel like they are working). Each mask is individulaly packaged and comes in a little pot that reminded me of a small pot of petit filou. I would say there is more than one application per pot – depending on how much you slather on with the brush. I went for an even covering of product, not so much that it was trying to slip off the face, but a good enough layer that I can see the product on my face and neck. It is a real silky smooth consistency, like a creamy lotion that dances across the face with the application brush. Having noticed that the brush had some product still caked on it after I had finished my application, I simply used the brush on my lower neck and declotage to get rid of the leftover product. This mask is too nice to just rinse the excess under the sink; The Scottish roots within me cannot bear to ‘waste’ anything. One must get their monies worth. 

The instructions state ten minutes with the mask on before removing with warm water. This was the perfect excuse to kick back and read some of Porter Magazine as I allowed my engorged bee venom face to develop. 

I was a little let down with the tingling, or lack of should I say. This is not a chemical induced resurfacing product that packs a punch, but more one that really hydrates the skin leaving it looking plump and much brighter. I was hoping for at least a little sting, but no, perhaps my wee face has been subjected to one chemical resurfacing product too many that I am numb to the tingling sensation. 

On washing off the mask, you really notice how silky the product is. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it leaves a ‘film’ on the skin, but it does really transform the skin and leave it feeling silkier. Like somehow the skin drank up the product and absorbed it into the skin leaving it feeling so silky smooth. I kept washing my face thinking there may still be product left, but no, just the smoothest silkiest skin. I was really quite pleasantly surprised – especially since the lack of tingle has me slightly deflated in terms of what results would be. 

Since I did not use the whole pot on the face, I suspect I could get at least another one application out of it, maybe even two if I am really frugal with the application. Which means your getting six total applications out of three pots. Rather good value for money. 

For ten minutes of my time I have rebooted my face and lifted my mood. All i had to do was slap product on and sit of my arse for ten minutes. Why do we begrudge  ourselves these little luxuries ladies. I am making a personal habit to give myself this time at least once a week. I think you should do the same. Whether it’s painting your nails or simply using a conditioning treatment for your hair. Dedicate at least ten minutes of pampering for yourself once a week. This ten minute pamper session lifted my mood, boosted my confidence and left my skin looking brighter and more plump. Kind of makes getting up the next day a little less hassle when you know your skin is looking good. 

When was the last time you set aside some pampering time for you? 

Perhaps the Danes really are onto something, after all they are the happiest nation – in the world. 

Words by Danielle Alexandria 

This is NOT a sponsored post.