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Sometimes – and this is quite shocking to say – I cannot bear to wash my hair – Not because I’m a lazy skank who likes to rock the greasy look, but because sometimes allocating over 1 hour and a half to just washing and drying the damn thing can seem a tad soul destroying. Leaving the shower like an absolute prune and discovering there is still product in your hair. The perils of having super long long locks. (Did I mention our power shower lacks power? more like an over exaggerated dripping tap – you see what I’m working with here!)

Now that mini rant is over, I wanted to share with you a hairstyle I tried last week when I couldn’t face washing my hair for a few days. I received quite a few compliments and I was so surprised because it was a fuss free hairstyle that I wasn’t expecting to turn any heads with. 

You will need, a comb, hair tie and some kirbies. Optional hairspray. 

Step 1 – backcomb your roots a little 

Step 2 – bring hair down into a low pony tail

Step 3 – use your hair tie to secure your hair *like* a pony tail but not looping through the last lock of hair completely. (So your left with a low messy bun) 

Step 4 – use the loose hairs that are poking out to wrap around your hair tie to conceal, then secure with kirbie grips.

Step 5 – spray with hairspray to secure.

Voila. 5 easy steps, through it on up there and it really looks like there is a lot more too it than there is. Easy peasy. 

What do you think?


Words by Danielle Alexandria 

This is not a sponsored post.