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Ahh Easter. That time of year where chocolate is consumed in large quantities and we are left feeling a tad stuffed come April 1st. I (Danielle) will be flying home to Scotland to spend the holiday with my family (and drag my birthday celebrations out for the very last time!) and it got me thinking about other gifts that could be given at Easter aside from chocolates. Partially because I am not a big sweet toothed person so each year Mr LL hits the chocolate jackpot and clears out my chocolate selection! 

I admit, it is far easier to go to the shops and stock up on Easter Eggs. With so many options/ brands you can buy a different one for everyone. But for some of your friends, relatives or even kids … You could make Easter a bit more fun. We have shortlisted our top 3 alternative gifts for Easter. Something to ponder over while picking up yet another Chocolate Egg.

Goodnight Light Bunny Baby


And the cute award goes to?! Yes the baby bunny lamp! A nice alternative to your usual bedside lamp, a nice wee bunny baby in white! (Available in other colours). What I love most about this gift in particular, is that the recipient will think for a while (until it’s fully opened) that it is in fact a chocolate egg. Perfect for yummy mummies or friends who like kitsch accessories. This is a great gift for adults and an even better present for kids because you just know they will be inundated with chocolate from friends and family! The beauty about this Bunny Baby Lamp is – it doesn’t disappear after Easter. This is a gift you get to appreciate all year round.

Timeless Truth Anti-Ageing Sheet Face Masks

tt beauty masks bee venom sheet mask for anti ageing  timeless truth collagen eye masks 

Face Masks are something I cannot live without, I use them regularly each week to give my skin a little something extra. The range by Timeless Truth is my absolute favourite for a few reasons, the price point is fantastic and the results are literally amazing. We both loved these masks so much we decided to invest and stock them as part of our Lady Loves Concession within Courtois Concept store on Brighton’s Laines. 

There are lots to choose from so you will be sure to find one to suit everyone. Our particular favourites are the Orchid Radiance Mask, Bee Venom & Collagen Eye Patches. I use all three on rotation and my skin has never looked better! Plump, radiant and super moisturised. These masks would be a great gift to go along with a small chocolate egg, nice little gift for your girl friends – when they see the results from the masks they will LOVE you for it! 

Well as it is Easter we had to mention at least one chocolate!! But this brand are a little different and will suit the fussiest of chocolate eaters. Even suited to those who can’t have dairy products! And the packaging, oh the packaging. I myself would not be able to eat this chocolate because I wouldn’t want to waste the look of the packaging. You will see what I mean below …

 Mast Brothers Artisan Chocolate

mast brothers artisan hocates with unique packaging designs, luxury designed chocolates

With so many options to choose from a variety of flavours and designs there is something here to suit everyone. A little more on the expensive side than your mainstream chocolate but truly delicious all the same. With a very high cacao content these chocolates are rather good for you. (Or so I am telling myself). Available to buy online but we do hope to stock these soon at Courtois Concept. We love the brand story and he packaging is on point!  
So there you have it. Our three alternative options for Easter to save your teeth! Well maybe not the last one! What is the best gift you ever got at Easter? Let us know on the comment box below! 

Love Danielle & Natalie 


Words by Danielle

This is NOT a sponsored post.