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Well they do say you are never too old to learn. We had a great invite to an event in Brighton the other week. The lovely people at Jellyfish Brighton wanted to pick our brains with regards to how to work with bloggers and in return we got to learn some in depth knowledge about SEO, Google Analytics and Social Media.

 training sessions at jellyfish brighton, taking notes during seo seminar  
seo training notes at jellyfish brighton 
Myself and Deborah (from Diary of an Honest Woman) headed for the SEO workshop whilst Natalie heald the fort down over at Google Analytics. 

While neither of us claim to be experts in either field, it was refreshing to add to the skills we already knew and change a few of the things we were not doing. It also brought to our attention that Jellyfish actual host tutorials for these types of things so you can actually get a grip on a new technology very easily.

 a bowl of colourful striped rock, jellyfish agency brighton 
We really enjoyed ourselves on the evening, it was like being back at school again! But enjoyable – with wine! Sometimes difficult and confusing technology just needs to be explained in the right way. We had a good session, and it left me itching for more, the Internet and all that surrounds it, SEO, analytics, indexing, it absolutely fascinates me! Having self taught myself SEO, I was rather chuffed to hear from the experts I was doing it correctly, and with a few simple changes I could expect to see even better results. We would both highly recommend the training provided by Jellyfish Brighton

The team were fantastic and a special thanks to Maria for inviting us.


Danielle & Natalie 


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