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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled into the beauty section of Selfridges while Xmas Shopping (as you do!) and spotted a new lipstick from MAC called ‘D for Danger’


I had actually been on the look out for a Kylie Jenner style shade of dusky pink, but fell in love with this one instead, which is a Matte shade of deep rusty red/brown. Those 90s teen girls out there will remember Rimmell’s Black Cherry lipstick? Well this is the 2.0 update on that shade we all wore, it has that same gorgeous berry tone but with a matte powder finish that is so now!  The name also grabbed me, as my most worn lipstick I wear on a daily basis is called ‘Lady Danger’ I must be attracted to  ‘Danger’ Lol! 
It’s my new go to, working perfectly for my colourful winter wardrobe of deep winter Greens, Berry shades and cinnamon and looks amazingly vampy worn with black leather. Wear with ripped double denim or silk satin Slip dresses to Chanel this seasons SS16 90s vibe. Danielle informed me that the ‘D’ is actually for Danielle so I’ll be heading in to grab one for her before mine mysteriously disappears 😂

I’m still on the lookout for that perfect Kylie Jenner shade so do comment below if you’ve one to recommend…… 

Natalie x