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We are fully underway this week with the Christmas gift guides. We have sorted your teens out, your mum or best friend that loves a good treatment or spa and today is all about the lady who loves a beauty gadget to make her life that bit easier. In a fast paced modern lifestyle, some of us (if not all of us) would LOVE to just pop by the salon for a pedicure or see a facialist regularly to maintain a great complexion and glow – whenever we may fancy it. But the harsh reality is, with work and kids – pampering yourself is not always a possibility. This rings true with friends and family too. They also have the same day-to-day struggles and “not enough hours in the day” to get everything done. So that’s why we thought of some innovative beauty gadgets that are easy to use and will become invaluable staples in your busy lifestyle. These will take you (or the recipient) from frazzled to fantastic in minutes.

braun facial brush and epilator, christmas gift ideas 2015, lady loves beauty gadget gift guide 2015

Braun Facial Brush & Epilator – Two brilliant little products in one! Great for minimising space and achieving that pampered and preened feeling from your own bathroom. The combination of the facial brush and epilator is the first of its kind. The product gets to work brushing off dead skin cells, keeping skin exfoliated and giving your pores a good old clean. One of the best things about this facial brush/epilator is its ease of use. You can take it into the shower to make it even easier to incorporate into your daily skin care routine. The brush doubles as an at home facial epilator. For those of you who have not jumped on the epilator bandwagon, we cannot tell you how easy, stress free and more often than not, pain-free the whole experience is (with the exception of under arm epilating – that my friends is just plain agony!). Epilating is a quick process and the Braun Facial Epilator can leave you hair free for up to 4 weeks. Convert your waxing friends and introduce them to epliating and brush cleansing this Christmas.

braun satin 7 ion brush, best brusg for frizzy hair, frizz free hair solution, christmas gift guide ideas 2015Braun Satin Hair 7 Brush – This brush is no ordinary brush. Oh no. If your lady is ever stressing about fly away hairs or frizzyness, lack of shine or dullness? This is the must have beauty gadget for them. A brush with a magic button. A button, that once pressed and used on your locks will release millions of tiny ions to reduce frizz and eliminate static. The results are instant and the Braun Satin Hair 7 Brush fits nicely in your handbag so you can whip out your magic brush wand whenever a frizz hair emergency might arise. Shiny Frizz Free Hair in seconds? Yes please Santa!

simplehuman sensor mirror, christmas gift guides 2015, christmas gift ideas for women, beauty mirror natural light enhancer, simplehuman sensor mirror, christmas gift guides 2015, lady loves beauty gift ideas for womensimplehuman Sensor Mirror . Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the smartest of them all?! This one is! Not only is the mirror magnified – so you can get a good look at your face – it also ‘lights up’ when your face is in front of it. Not a harsh light either, this clever little product simulates natural sunlight. This makes things like plucking your eyebrows and upper lip unbelievably easy, the light enhances any stray hairs and you get the job done without missing anything. We loved how clear the mirror is and it made applying eyeliner quicker and easier than ever. The magnified mirror makes the application process easier because you can really see what you’re doing. This is a must have for the bathroom of any beauty lover. A genius little mirror that will shave minutes off of eye liner application. And believe me, if you apply eye liner, then you will know how time-consuming that little process can be!

scholl diamond pedicure set, electric foot file, pampering gifts for mums, christmas gift guide 2015Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi Set – This great little set comes with a Scholl Electronic Foot File with Diamond Crystals, Velvet Smooth Intense Serum and Revlon ‘Cherries in the Snow’ Nail Polish. A must have for anyone on their feet all day. This set brings the pedicure to the home and is easily incorporated into your beauty routine, if you have one. If not, simply get into the habit of using it each week to keep your feet fabulous. A great gift for mums!!

We are sure youll agree there are some great little beauty gadgets here! We have all on our Christmas list! Which ones are on yours? Let us know in the comments box below…………

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