We have reached another Monday, and that means another Mani we love to share with you all.  We both tend to opt for more high end nail polishes. Natalie loved a good Chanel polish and I am head over heels for Soigne. The prices however can add up which makes it less easy to splurge, if you don’t really need yet another nude nail polish. 

With that being said, there are a lot of entry level high street brands, who offer affordable nail polishes – they might not be as long wearing and packaged quite so fabulously as the high end brands – but they do still fit their purpose and give a nice finish that you will at least get a day or two’s use out of before chipping. 

KIKO Cosmetics seem to be popping up everywhere at the movement. I first discovered the KIKO brand on a holiday to Italy a few years ago. They are huge in Europe so it is nice to see the brand transcend across to our waters. The price point is borderline criminal. In the good sense, not the bad. The quality too is pretty good consodering. I mean, I wouldn’t compare it to my Laura Mercier or NARS items (because that would be just ridiculous!) I would however, add them in alongside them in my make up bag. 

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This weeks Mani is again on the minimal side. A gorgeous Galaxy chocolate like tan colour (shade 371) that glides effortlessly. I mean, I only paid a few pounds for it but the brush application is better than some expensive brands I have tried. The pigment is just great, you could even get away with just one coat of polish for a more muted look. And it really cost buttons. 

I love it! What do you think? Let us know in the comment box below. 

It really is worth popping into one of their stores if you get the chance. It’s like a candy shop of makeup – colours from wall to wall. 


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