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Hair. I am sure very single woman on this earth has some sort of hair horror story. Mine however, are particularly outrageous. Which has put me in a place where even Mr.LL refuses to discuss the subject. Sounds all a bit crazy I hear you say. It is, it really really is. Perhaps if I give you a little insight…

I am very lucky in a sense, to have hair that grows like absolute wildfire. Almost an inch a month. Crazy. (This might have something to do with my PCOS). Having this luxury meant that I could experiment and try new styles because it would not take that long to re grow. That being said, things can still go wrong.

It took me quite some time back in my early years to realise that cheap haircuts and deals are not always worth it. That by going to an expensive salon and having a trainee might end in disaster and last but not least, that it is not ok for the hairdresser to ignore your requests and do what they like, or their version of what you asked for. You really do get what you pay for and now that I have found my dream hairdresser I can honestly say that they are worth their weight in gold. Like a best friend, your secret weapon. Thanks Will.

Iv had pixi crops, bleach blonde, dramatic fringes, ombre, baliage, the Rachael, you name it I have pretty much done it, aside from the full shave or a Mohican. The pixi crop however, was something that happened by pure accident back in 2007/2008.

Ah that day. I guess you could say I was going through a bit of a traumatic time shall we say, I wont go into details about it, perhaps some other time, but let’s just say having something like my hair done at this time was only intended to pick me up and improve my mood and perception of myself. I researched the best hairdressers in the town I was staying, booked an appointment with the owner of the salon to ensure a fabulous finish and felt excited about the change. I had shoulder length hair at the time. I was in love with the Agyness Deyn sweeping blonde fringe. I had brought lots of photos with me for ideas so we were both very clear on the outcome. Exactly like my pictures of Agyness Deyn. What the hairdresser didn’t know was I had already had a similar style back in 2005 so I knew what it was going to look like, and I knew that the style worked.

I remember my hair being pulled forward in front of my face as he worked the back of my hair. I was reading VOGUE at the time as I truly felt confident in his ability to produce what I was looking for. To cut a long story short, it came to the front of my hair and he cut a fringe (if you can call it that) about half the size of my forehead. It looked like it had been stuck on. And in a straight line as well.

As I brought my eyes round from Vogue I was speechless. Incensed. Angry. Sad. Humiliated. An amalgamation of feelings all at once. I HAD A MULLET! Yes you read that correctly. A GAD damn mullet. No word of a lie. The picture on my face was a picture. I was frozen. I paid my money and left. Still frozen. I hadn’t acted how I would have imagined, I thought I would complain or at least have something to say. But no. Frozen. Still trying to process the Mullet. THE MULLET!

Let’s put this into perspective; remember that episode of FRIENDS where Phoebe cuts Monica’s hair and gets it wrong? Mine was much worse than that cut. Imagine 2 inch length hair all over, like an oversized shaggy mess. With a 3 inch layer along the back of my neck dangling down like he forgot about it. And the piece de resistance, the straight line mullet fringe oddly placed at the top of my forehead, halfway above my eyebrows. I shudder now just thinking about it.

Mr.LL Picked me up in a flurry of tears, I called my old hairdresser who was 3 counties away, when he heard what had happened he offered to fix it. The only way to fix a Mullet is really the Pixi Crop. Or shaving it, but I am not sure that would have been wise. I have no photographic proof of the Mullet. They were not cool in the 80’s and quite frankly should never be rehashed into society. But I do have photographic proof of the Pixi Crop.

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Moral of the story, if you find an amazing hairdresser, never let them go. It can be the difference between Agyness Deyn Fabulous and a Gad Damn Mullet.

Would love to hear if you have any funny/ tragic hair horror stories, share them in the comment box below.

Love Danielle x

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