Eye Of Horus, a fabulous Australian Cosmetics brand have released the wonderful Scarab Sapphire Pencil. This shade is an electrifying blue, very easy to apply. You can really blend the pencil well but also get a really nice crisp line if needed.  This would be the perfect day-to-night pencil. Have it subtle during the day with a nice flick. Then smoke it up in the evening by adding a smokey black to blend in with the Sapphire Blue. Perfection.

Since I have been burning the candle at both ends, living the dream and all (someone has to do it). I have quite puffy eyes from the lack of sleep over the last few weeks. Adding eyeliner after this much sleep deprivation, was not a good look. No matter how many times I tried.  (This was my fault not the pencil / Eye of Horus). Luckily my best friend Blaize was on hand to help in my time of need and volunteer her face, well her eyes actually for me to test out this wonder pencil.

Blaize has the most gorgeous shade of blue-green eyes, when she started to apply the eyeliner, even before she smudged it in, it made here eye colour POP. So beautiful, you could sink into that sea of blue.

We were looking to create an effortless daytime look with the Eye of Horus Scarab Sapphire Pencil. But also something that could be worked upon, easily to go from day-to-night in a few simple steps. To start with, we created a subtle flick to the eyes, but not continuing the line around the eye, keeping it very demure and to the corners to add length.

We then began to smudge that line into the inner corners of the eye to define the lash line in a subtle way.  We are going for daytime chic, so we didn’t want to add too much onto the lash line. It was all about the subtle flick.

We then wanted to make the overall look a little more dramatic by adding the pencil around the outside of the eye for definition. The Eye of Horus Scarab Sapphire pencil comes with an oh so handy smudging tool at the opposite end of the brush to make blending effortless.

What do you think of the end result? So simplistic but really effective at giving a real pop of colour. This shade, Scarab Sapphire would work especially well on Blue and Green eyed girls.  I cannot wait to experiment with some smokey evening looks once my puffy eyes have died down.

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