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Neal’s Yard Remedies really know how to produce natural products that pack a punch. I bought a fabulous little Neal’s Yard Remedies Skincare Kit when I was flying last week, duty-free prices and a £5 gift voucher, it would have been rude not to buy! The White Tea Enriching Facial Mask is not only in a perfect travel size pot – but, a little goes a very long way and the results are noticeable after a few uses.

The White Tea Enriching Facial Mask by Neal’s Yard Remedies is very easy to apply, the product glides onto the skin and tightens as it dries. With the sole aim of restoring moisture to the skin, I have found this mask to be an absolute lifesaver – as it seems the weather has taken another cold snap again. (You would think being Scottish I could handle it, but it seems I have turned into a Southern Softie!!)

Neal's Yard Remedies, white Tea Enriching Face Mask, Lady Loves BeautyExcuse the red brows, I had a bit of a pluck before I applied the mask! (oops)! I left the Neal’s Yard Remedies White Tea Enriching Mask on for quite some time, to really allow the ingredients to sink right into the skin. Removing of the mask was very easy with a hot flannel, the product simply wipes away. Using a muslin cloth will give an element of exfoliation when removing the mask from the skin, which kills two birds with one stone really so I highly recommend using one.  I had opted for a flannel because I had already exfoliated my face before applying the mask. No one wants to over-do exfoliation!

Neal's Yard Remedies White Tea Enriching Face Mask, Lady Loves BeautySkin is very bright and clear once the mask has been removed. I will be using lush smelling mask once a week throughout January, February and March to keep my moisture levels topped up and my skin looking fabulously plump! A great go to saviour for dry sensitive skin.

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