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I had to shout and scream a little bit, have you heard about the latest beauty innovation Younique mascara? I am not one to buy into faddy trends, and to be honest I had tarnished this one with the same brush. BUT it turns out it is actually just as good as advertised, if not better.

Younique, Lady Loves Beauty

I got in contact with my lovely friend Charlotte to find out what all of the fuss was about – (being the beauty junkie that I am). It turns out that this mascara is rather revolutionary. It will solve the age old problem of messing around with glue and false lashes. All you need to do is apply, and you are done.  This wonder mascara aims to enhance your natural lashes up to three times of their natural length and thickness. Those with thinning lashes should invest in this product pronto style.

Fiber Lash 3D Mascara Moonstruck Younique, Lady Loves Beauty

As you can see from the photos this mascara really supercharges what you already have giving you long luscious lashes for a very attractive price bracket.  With the brand having only launched in the UK in November this year, it is quickly stirring up a storm in the beauty industry.

Charlotte runs Virtual Lash Parties which allows beauty fanatics from all over the UK to tune in, from the comfort of their own home. What a great excuse to get the girls together to either host your own lash party from home or do a virtual one and invite people to connect with your link. Easy.

Younique fiber lash mascara 3D,lady loves beauty

This wonder mascara is available through Charlotte for only £23. There are many more products available from Younique, and after the success of this mascara I am really looking forward to trying.

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