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I was very lucky to be invited down to Queen Hair & Beauty in Brighton to sample some of their treatments as part of my Lady Loves Visits feature.  Brighton is such a bustling little city with so many gems in every nook and cranny. Queen Hair & Beauty, a fabulous three storey salon situated in Albert Street in Brighton is one of those gems and has everything to cater to the modern-day womans lifestyle.

Queen Hair & Beauty is the mastermind of Paige Joyce, an experienced beautician and Hair Extension Specialist. Not only is the salon situated in a perfect location, surrounded by some of Brighton’s most favoured restaurants, bars and shops – they also offer fabulous packages for bridal parties & girly nights out. There would be no better way to spend your time in Brighton with the girls, book in for some treatments at Queen Hair & Beauty, do a little shopping on East Street and finish off with some gorgeous food from one of the many award-winning restaurants a stones throw away.

007Queens Hair & Beauty Brighton, Lady Loves Beauty, Beauty Blogger BrightonQueens Hair & Beauty Brighton, Lady Loves Beauty, Beauty Blogger BrightonThe salon section is very well laid out with different little zones for hair, nails, relaxing, having your hair washed. What is even better, is the chairs at the sinks have a massage setting. So not only do you melt away with a head massage, but the chair works your back as well. You had to practically peel me off the thing!!

I was having my hair styled by the very talented Becky Orzelleca, one of Queen Hair & Beauty’s Senior Stylists. As I sat in the styling chair we discussed what we were going to do. My hair is ridiculously straight, so achieving volume and va va voom can be quite a task at times. We decided to go with a full blow dry and then some sensual loose curls using straighteners.  I must admit I was really surprised with the end result. Becky made the curling aspect look so simple and the finished article was definitely WOW.  I felt glamorous, having your hair styled by a professional is the perfect way to achieve gorgeous looking locks for your night out. What do you think of the finished result?

queens hair and beauty salon brighton, lady loves beauty visits, beauty blogger brightonI just loved how the blonde highlights are accentuated by the soft curls. the volume created by Becky really shapes the face and adds some well needed movement to my hair style. You can book in with Becky by calling the salon, you will not be disappointed.

Queens Hair & Beauty Brighton, Lady Loves Beauty, Beauty Blogger BrightonThe next part of my journey with Queen Hair & Beauty was to experience some of their luxurious beauty treatments. The beauty rooms are situated on the top floor. Gorgeously decorated, you get a real sense of opulence and serene luxury when you walk through the beauty room doors. I was booked in for a Full Body Aromatherapy Massage and a Crystal Clear Facial. My beauty therapist was the fabulous persian beauty, Fay Maghadasi.

Fay discussed the treatments I would be having in detail. First up was the Aromatherapy Massage. An hour-long treatment using aromatherapy oils and specialist massage techniques to leave you feeling relaxed and destressed. We discussed my problem areas, I hold a lot of tension in my upper body, particularly between my shoulder blades and along my neck. These were the areas Fay was going to focus on, I had a feeling I was going to have to be rolled out of the place afterwards!

Fay rubbed organic aromatherapy oils over my body and began working on my back, before moving up to my neck for some deep concentration on my problem areas. The next fifteen minutes are a little hazy. I literally felt myself melt into the massage table, every ounce of my body tingling with relaxation. You can feel the stress and anxiety leave the body with every knead of my muscles. This was exactly what I needed. As I lay on the massage table in a hazy relaxed state, I was trying not to drift off so I could enjoy every last second of the massage and euphoric feeling of relaxation.

Fay worked around my whole body, then asked me to turn over so she could begin massaging my legs, arms and feet.  I often find the feet are an area often overlooked when going for a massage.  I find the pressure points on the feet to have such a profound affect on the body when teased during massage. Borderlining on ticklish, but extremely satisfactory. I lay in complete bliss as Fay massaged my limbs, this part was extremely difficult to stay awake for, it was just so relaxing. The smell of the Armatherapy oils really adds to this sense of relation, they go hand in hand and really alleviate the whole massage experience.

When the Aromatherapy Massage was finished, I did not need to move or go anywhere because my Crystal Clear Facial was up next.  This really helped to prolong the relaxing melting feeling of the Aromatherapy Massage. I would highly recommend booking in for multiple treatments to really benefit from their full effects. What a perfect excuse to pamper yourself more.

Queens hair and beauty, crystal clear facial, beauty, lady loves beauty, beauty blogger brightonI was very excited to try the Crystal Clear Facial. It is one of the most talked about treatments in the beauty industry and is well-known for its transformative effects. Naturally, I have always been intrigued. Fay would be starting with the Jojoba and Sandalwood Crystal Clear Cleansing Milk which aims to remove dirt and make up from the skin whilst leaving it thoroughly cleansed and hydrated. As the cleanser was applied, it feels very silky on the skin. Gently massaged in and then removed with a hot muslin cloth, my skin felt clean and soft.

Next was the Crystal Clear Exfoliator which is like a whole treatment in itself in the sense that it has similar effects to having Microdermabrasion. The Exfoliator promotes cell renewal and dead skin removal and can be used daily. Which in turn helps to promote a more youthful complexion.  The exfoliator is made up of tiny little exfoliating beads that do not rub the skin in a painful way, but rather create a creamy exfoliating paste that  massages off the dead skin cells. This is a very therapeutic feeling with jaw droppingly noticeable results. My skin was brighter looking with a nice healthy radiant glow… and we had not even applied the mask yet.

The Mini Lift Mask was by far my favourite product from the Crystal Clear range. A powder that is mixed with a liquid activator to create the mask. This is then applied to the face with a brush (this feels amazing on the skin) and left for at least 20 minutes on the face. Fay said the longer the mask was left the better the effects. The Mini Lift mask is intensively hydrating for the skin. It aims to firm, smooth and soften out the skin whilst plumping out lines and wrinkles. The results are visible after 20-30 minutes. This really is no joke, it is a product that works.

The peeling off of the mask is seriously satisfying. It is almost as though the old face is being lifted off to reveal a glowing, plumped out, line free version of my former self. This is product every woman should own. If even for an instant pick me up / mood changer.
Queens hair and beauty brighton, lady loves beauty, beauty blogger brightonYou can book in with the gorgeous Fay for any of the beauty treatments available at Queen Hair & Beauty by booking online, popping into the salon, or simply just giving them a ring.

Not only do Queen Hair & Beauty have you covered for all of your Hair and Beauty needs. They also have an Academy run by Marc Simpson, former Lecturer, Sisley Paris Expert Trainer and Founder of Fenwick Bond Street’s Personal Beauty. The Academy aims to provide a learning space for people looking to start a career in hairdressing. For all stages, even taster courses that last a day or two which could always be a fun day out with the girls, or boys.

In a class no more than seven, the Queen Hair Academy can offer a more intimate training session and one on one tuition. Students will have the option of opting in for a Taster Course or delving straight into a Diploma or NVQ.

Queens hair and beauty, crystal clear facial, beauty, lady loves beauty, beauty blogger brightonQueens hair and beauty, crystal clear facial, beauty, lady loves beauty, beauty blogger brightonA huge THANK YOU to the team at Queen Hair in Beauty, in particular Paige & Marc and of course Fay & Becky.

To book in for Beauty Treatments with Fay, Hair Styling with Becky or The Academy contact Queen Hair & Beauty on 01273 710078.

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