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Finding an amazing hairdresser is often rather hard. Sometimes they do not listen, you leave feeling deflated rather than elated and at times a bargain deal can mean a bargain cut!
Having gone through many a hairdressing horror in my time – I have learned to spend my time and energy on known professionals.

Three years ago I started my journey with electric. My hairdresser at the time was the fabulous Kirsty who always got my vision. When she moved to start her life in the Cayman Islands, she recommended I see her colleague, Will.

Will has been in hairdressing for ten years. He started when he was 15 years old working on a Saturday and absolutely loved it. He went full time by the age of 16 and at 17 worked with a great art team where he learned a lot of his ‘session hair’ and stage presentations.

After his travelling trip, Will knew he wanted to work for electric – having known Mark and what his brand is capable of.
Wills career catapulted with trips to Hong Kong, Russia, America, Italy, Belgium and more representing electric as a brand with the art team.

Will is similar to Mark in the sense that they both love the educational side and seeing other young hairdressers work their way to the top. There is a lot of love and support at electric.

Having your hair cut by Will is like visiting a friend you do not see very often but feels like time has not passed when you see each other. His clients are more like his friends than his clients, having your hair done by him is very fun indeed.
IMG_9671.JPG Will Ackerley

After interviewing Mark Woolley, the creative visionary behind the electric brand and being introduced to Will, we decided to get booked in to restyle my long locks which had outgrown their blonde baliage and by pure luck was left with a dip dye ombré effect.

With the ombré look bang on trend, I found myself a little complacent, my hair had simply been left with no need to change it.
It was very evident that I needed to restyle my locks.

A few weeks later when I arrived for my restyle, I was greeted when I walked through the door, taken to a nice seated bay window and offered a complimentary drink. You feel special at electric. It has such a buzzing atmosphere, clean and open in terms of design with the team at work all around. You get a warm feel. It’s not pretentious, it’s welcoming.

After my coffee, Will sat me down to discuss the state of my long locks and what we were going to do with them. It was obvious my hair was rather lifeless, with no style and in desperate need of a restyle. “You have permission to do what you like, I trust you, but not a Pixi crop” was what I said to Will.
We had looked at some visual boards he had been creating for upcoming videos he will be shooting this month. We gathered some ideas and off I went to have my hair prepped for the cut.

There is something so relaxing about having your hair washed by someone else. I felt like I could drift away while my hair was being washed using electric Hydrate Shampoo.

I was being treated to the Hot Towel Treatment, signature to electric of course. This is a dreamy treatment where the divine electric Hair Mask is massaged into the hair and scalp – meltingly good. Finished off with a hot towel wrapped around the head to lock in the heat and allow the mask to really get to work.

I could have easily fallen asleep. I love the smell of the electric Hair Mask, this teamed with the heat from the towel left a gorgeous aroma in the air. I knew my hair was going to smell marvellous.

Once the towel had cooled, my hair was rinsed. The feeling of the warm water on your scalp after this treatment turns your body to jelly. Such a relaxing feeling as the hair mask is being massaged out of my hair. Again, trying not to fall asleep.

Surprisingly, electric Conditioner was applied after the mask had been washed out. This is something I would normally never do but I later found out from Will that the mask opens the hair to allow the product nutrients inside and the conditioner helps to close the hair to lock in the goodness of the ingredients. Rather genius I am sure you will agree.

I tried to make my legs function after my relaxing hair washing session which was a treatment in itself. In my relaxed state I managed to make it back to the hairdressing chair to await my hair fate.
IMG_9676.JPG My hair before the Restyle

The restyle plan. Was to have my hair fall forward to make it look more heavy and luxurious minus the wispiness. Taking the hair back to the electric brand philosophy of hair being the best quality and feeling ultra luxurious.

My hair was sprayed with electric Preparation Spray (one of Mark Woolleys cannot live without products) which is a foundation spray for all hair types. It does exactly what it says on the bottle, prepping the hair for styling and any heat that may be used.

Will would be cutting a line at the back with a slight bevel which dips into the corners of the hair – a signature technique at electric. This makes the hair look fuller and more elegant when it falls forward.

Then Will got to work with freehand cutting over the top of the hair to loosen everything up, create more movement and leave more of a relaxed feel to the hair.
IMG_9681.JPGJust been cut.

Now the cut was complete, Will sprayed electric Volume Liquid Mist throughout the roots. This wonder product can be used in different ways; Use electric Volume Liquid Mist to blowdry the hair, use it on dry hair to refresh your look and also to add texture in styling. A brilliant Multi tasking product that doesn’t coat the hair and weigh it down. Will is using it on my hair to blowdry.

Volume liquid mist goes inside the hair to make it swell (when blow dried on wet hair) to give it more volume and lift without coating the hair.

Once my hair was blow-dried, Will began to work the hair and detail the ends.
IMG_9683.JPG Hair rolled into sections.

Once my ends had been worked into and detailed, Will showed me how to add some texture to my freakishly straight hair.
Simply; spray texture spray in sections, brush through. Take each section and wrap the hair around the finger in a curl and pin back to the head. Once all pins are in place, simply leave the hair to set. To speed up the process, use a little heat from the hair dryer.

Once this step was complete, the curls had set and the were taken down to fall. I must admit at this stage I was itching with excitement to see the finished article.
I fell in love with my new hair instantly. So fresh and full looking with a nice tousled texture to it. It is a breath of fresh air compared to my long lifeless locks I rocked in with earlier that day. The before and after photos are unbelievable. I am almost embarrassed I left it so long!

“What will you call this look?” I asked Will. “The tousled midi” he said. The tailored crop and midi looks are very on trend this season, he tells me. The signature bevel cut along the back of the hair really did make the hair look much better when the hair fell forward.

This hairstyle is perfect for those with medium to fine hair because it makes the hair look thicker and much much fuller.
It is easily tailored and shaped at the front giving a great line which leaves you looking like you have more hair.

Such a simple but dramatically effective restyle. What do you think of the before and after photos below?
I want to say a special thanks to Will, Mark and the team at electric Brighton for having me.


Book in to see Will at electric Hairdressing for your Autumn Restyle, call the salon on 01273 202088.

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