I am not a vegan, in anyway shape or form. I would break all the rules. I love cheese, butter and eggs. And in fact, I do not want to live without them.

I do admire, however, those who do follow that lifestyle. They do seem to have whiter eyes, brighter complexions, perfect red tongues
… I could go on really. But it also seems like such a drastic change. I only ever experienced the internal benefits when I stayed with a friend in London a few weeks ago.



My fabulous friend Blaize has adopted a new lifestyle which welcomes raw and vegan food. She’s a whizz in the kitchen, so inventive. So much so that I have been trying to encourage her to start her own blog! She was putting together lots of raw & vegan treats for that weekend. It all seemed a bit alien to me.


For dinner, we had courgette noodles with curried salad and stuffed courgette flowers – with avocado, tomato and herbs. There was a handful of cherry tomato halves topped with homemade raw hummus and raw vegan pesto. The whole meal was uncooked, but delicious. A mouthwatering burst of flavours with every mouthful. My tongue was in ecstasy. I was full afterwards, which did surprise me. I felt nice inside. Clean. Not stuffed like I normally do. We proceeded to end the evening catching up, making silly vine videos and consuming gin! (We will call that the cleanse!)

The next morning, we did not have a hangover … And I felt amazing. Refreshed, energised, I felt so good that I was beginning to think I was still drunk. But this theory was ruled out when the feeling lasted all day. I am putting this down to the raw eating and the fact that gin, well it is the best drink in the world no?! (Excluding Champagne, of course.)

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