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Nail polish by Zoya, Nail Polish ideas, glitter nails, lady loves beauty blogBehold. The amazing Pixi Dust Nail polish by ZOYA. AMAZING, let me tell you.

Up until now, I had only been applying ZOYA Pixi Dust nail polish to my ring fingers after painting the others with another shade. I liked the simplicity of one nail being sparkly and the others plain. Today I fancied trying all of my nails in Pixi Dust shade LUX and I must say the results are just beautiful.

Glitter can get everywhere and can also look a bit tacky. I find that ZOYA Pixi Dust nail polishes have a very classy finish, with nails looking as though they had been dipped in diamond dust. Simple yet dazzlingly eye-catching.


How to use ZOYA Pixi Dust Glitter Nail polish? Simply apply a Base Coat and add two layers of Pixi Dust, leave to dry thoroughly and then add your Top Coat. Voila!

ZOYA Nail polish is completely toxic free and I find the nail polishes to last much longer on my nails than other brands.

There are a wealth of colours and shades available on the website, to the point there is just too much choice. I would not be able to narrow it down. Especially after seeing their new Fall range.

Check out ZOYA Pixi Dust

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