Trump Turnberry a luxury collection resort, lady loves beauty spa reviewsEvery time I visit Scotland, not only does it remind me of how incredibly proud I am to have Scottish blood , but also how beautiful the country is. And I realise then how much I miss it.  If you have not visited Scotland, you will not be able to understand what I mean when I say, that the sky is like no other. Never in my ten years living in England have I seen a sky compare to that of the skies in Scotland.  Breathtaking.

My loyal followers will know I have been championing ishga Skincare, an amazing natural organic skincare brand from the Isle of Lewis in the Scottish Hebrides.  With products that are jam-packed full of nutritious ingredients, your skin has really, never felt so good.
Having used their products for a number of months now on a regular basis, I can vouch for their revolutionary results. From their Anti Oxidant Marine Cream, to their Regenerating Serum and more recently, I have fallen in love with their Invigorating Body Oil as well as their Regenerating Face Oil.


I had the opportunity to visit the luxurious Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort in Scotland last week. I was booked in for the famous Ailsa Craig treatment at the ishga Spa. The Ailsa Craig is a little island just 10 miles from mainland Scotland. Trump Turnberry has views of the Ailsa Craig from most windows, as well as breathtaking views from the golf courses.

I was extremely excited to experience the Ailsa Craig Treatment.  After relaxing in the relaxation room, my lovely therapist Louise came to collect me for my treatment.  I was taken into a dimly lit treatment room, with relaxing candles lit and soothing music in the background.  After discussing my problem areas and where I would like to focus on, Louise asked me to get ready for the treatment. Once I had removed my clothing and got positioned on the bed for my treatment, I instantly felt that exhilarating feeling of Ahhhh the second I lay down on the massage bed.

The ishga Ailsa Craig treatment comprises of a full body scrub using the ishga Skincare Exfoliating Salt Scrub, followed by an invigorating full body Hot Stone Massage using the ishga Invigorating Body Oil.  For the next hour and a half my body and mind was about to be transported into another dimension of relaxation. Quite literally.


All of the products are warmed in the palms of the therapist’s hands before application.  This really allows the products to get to work.  The salt scrub was extremely relaxing and border lining on ticklish in certain areas.  Louise worked the Hebridean Sea Salt Scrub into my body, taking limb by limb at a time, using a massaging scrub technique to remove toxins and clear away dead skin cells.  By the time she had exfoliated my back and moved onto my front, I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  Louise is such an experienced therapist – she was using reflexology techniques throughout the process to relive tension, relax muscles and generally make me feel like a relaxed piece of putty that could be moulded into anything you liked.

I had to step into the shower to remove the sea salts, leaving the ishga oil residue behind to moisturise the skin. I felt a little like Bambi trying to walk for the very first time getting up from the massage table, my legs were so relaxed they would barely function.  With a helping hand from Louise I made my way to the shower to wash off the salts.  As I held my head underneath the blasting hot shower, this too felt like it was a relaxing step included in the Ailsa Craig treatment. The feeling of the shower on your skin after it has been well and truly scrubbed and massaged to perfection is almost orgasmic.


Once I returned to the table, Louise was preparing the Hot Stones.  I began to get myself comfortable on the massage table while Louise placed Hot Stones on my chakra points. The soothing feeling of the heat activating the energies in my chakras was amazing. Paying close attention to breathing in and out properly, so my energy could flow as one, freely through the chakra energy points.  Complete bliss.  The stones are coated in ishga Invigorating Body Oil to increase the sense of relaxation and calm, Louise began massaging with each of the stones across my body.  This feeling was so much deeper and intense than a regular back massage, in a good way.


I pretty much lay in complete bliss whilst drifting in and out of consciousness. I was completely drunk on relaxation. The heat from the stones really enhances the feeling of release during the massage. All of my knots, aches and pains from sitting at a computer all the time, had quite simply been broken down and worked away by the hot stones Louise was working all over my body.


After each stone was finished with, it would be replaced before moving on to another stone. The combination of cool and hot stones was very invigorating. I proceeded to enjoy every last second of the Ailsa Craig treatment, drifting away in my own imagination. Life really could not get any better in this moment. The hour of massage seemed to fly by. When Louise brought me some fresh water, I was so relaxed and renewed I could barely hold my head up. My body had been revitalised from head to toe leaving one extremely blissed out and chilled Danielle.


I lay on the massage table for a little while afterwards, trying to muster up the energy to put my limbs into working order and make it to the Relaxation Room.


The Spa at Trump Turnberry, is without a doubt one of the best spa experiences of my life. From helpful, welcoming staff to outstanding service and high level of treatments, you will not be disappointed with your visit. You can see from the hazy image above, I am quite literally relaxed beyond belief and by the looks of things, I can barely function a smile I am such a place of calm and serenity.

This is the perfect excuse to plan a weekend away with your man if he likes his golf, or if you are organising a pamper day, baby shower, the options are endless. There is so much to see and do in the surrounding areas; you will want to keep coming back for more.

Book in for the exclusive Ailsa Craig Treatment at Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort.

I am giving this one 10 out of 10. I cannot wait to go back.

Trump Turnberry A Luxury collection Resort ailsa course Golf Scotland - Lady Loves Beauty Spa Review(On the golf side of things – should you be interested – my other half advised me that both the Ailsa and the Kintyre courses were better than Sunningdale and Celtic Manor put together.)

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