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Mark woolley Electric Hair dressing Interview with Lady Loves Beauty Blog Brighton I caught up with the oh-so-talented Mark Woolley, Creative Director of Electric Hairdressing and Celebrity Hairdresser for Olivia Palermo. His work has graced the front cover of many noteable publications, as well as working with celebrities such as fashion icon Olivia Palermo. Find out what his top three products of all time are, what he cannot live without and a Lady Loves exclusive on what is to come from Electric Hairdressing in my interview below.

How did you get started with electric, I know you have had quite a journey?
Electric, we launched in 2007 as a brand, I had existing salons within part of a national hairdressing company. And I think that with electric we didn’t want to be a salon group anymore, we wanted to have bespoke creative spaces in key cities only. So electric is really just a small cluster of salons, mainly based in London but obviously in Brighton and Oxford. We have collaborated with Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh and Liverpool now as well. So yeah, six salons! I don’t think we will ever do any more than ten, we have the studio, the product line, the academy, and the brand is growing well.

What would you say is the best thing about this salon in relation to other salons in Brighton? What separates you from the rest?
This is my favourite salon, it was the first one. I was very lucky I got the chance to buy this building a few years ago so it encompasses everything. We have a big open space and clients love being in here because it’s very spacious, we have got a bar, and you know, it’s quite a chilled space. Underneath it we have our studio and above it we have our head office – so it’s kind of electric central.
Me: I know when I come here it’s very relaxing and spacious so I can definitely vouch for that.

What would you say has been your biggest achievement to date in hairdressing?
I think the thing I get the most out of is seeing people coming through, you know, people that we start training when they are young kids and you see them becoming accomplished hairdressers. Winning British hairdressing awards or winning major things or having their work published, or just being really successful in the salon. That’s where it’s at for me, we have lots of people, it’s a big family.

olivia palermo mark woolley hairdresser lady loves beauty interview viviscalBring the master of your craft what styles do you envision being big this season and into next?
You know, I think there is a big sense now because cultures have changed and everybody takes their trends from the catwalk. Editorial imagery being reconfigured to wear in an everyday way is how it’s done. That brings a big sense of individuality to people looking a bit different to the next person. There has been a massive creative leaning in men’s hairdressing. I think you will have seen a lot of tailored men’s haircuts and beards. And I think that the general feeling is, hair is getting longer for men.
Then woman? Hair is going to be about more shape. You know what you have had over the last three or four years is everyone with long hair, everyone has had the ability to create beachy waves one minute and wear it a bit smoother the next minute. I think for women, hair is getting straighter. It’s going to be about more shape, so there will be angles and little bits of details.

What would you say your top tips are for achieving volume, in particular with long hair?
Well the thing with volume is, not to load your hair up with too many products. You know, you will see on a shelf on a supermarket twenty products for root boost and volume. The bottom line is those products coat the hair. So they might create a lift at the beginning after the blow dry but eventually the weight will pull it back down. So the old tricks of gravity is a great thing. Get your head upside down drying it. Heat the hair and cool it down in that position, that will create good volume. Just stay away from products that are going to coat the hair and make the hair quite heavy.

What would you say is your top three hair styling products and why?
I can’t live without electric Preparation Spray. That might sound biased but it’s the only product that will totally evaporate on the hair.  It will give the hair some control.  Most women in the UK at the end of the day have fine to medium textured hair, so this is just a really light prep. You get movement and volume into the hair but leaving it looking and feeling natural.
I love the hair powder that Bumble & Bumble do because its fine and it kind of creates the texture of the day old look without looking like there is powder on the hair. Again there is a million dry shampoos and powders and most of them you can see them.
I also love Air Fix hairspray by Tecni Art (L’Oreal), that’s just a very dry easy to brush out spray. I like things that are natural looking

What do you think of Viviscal? And who would you recommend to use it?
Well Viviscal is a great thing because it’s the age-old problem of thinning hair and there is all sorts of crazy ways of addressing that problem. But with Viviscal you have got a really natural course of tablets that don’t have any side effects but that do have visible results. You know, my job is to style and finish the hair but I need a good canvas to work on. I have seen very good results with people taking Viviscal and ending up with noticeably thicker and more hair so it’s really about creating the right canvas.

So anyone who is having problems with hair growth or the thickness of their hair teamed with the shampoo and conditioner and the other products that Viviscal do, used over a period of time could have noticeable lasting results?
Exactly and I think the age-old problem has always been with men loosing their hair but I think more and more women might have a wider parting, thinning on the hairline. For all sorts of different reasons, everyone is different but I think if you can take something that gives you a clear result – brilliant.

MArk Wooley with Sophie - electric hairdressing, celebrity hairstylist, lady loves beauty interviewI have seen you backstage at various modelling and fashion events over the years Mark, do you have anything exciting or exclusive projects in the pipeline?
Yeah we do, I had a meeting with our photographer that we mainly work with, Paul Winter, and we are going to shoot something in the first week of September, it is going to be quite an interesting concept.  It’s going to feel very backstage, there is going to be campaign images for us for the brand but I think what they are going to capture is that whole essence of backstage and it is about taking that catwalk stuff and bringing it to the masses, to the high street, so we are excited about that.
We are off to Taiwan to do a big show and we have  our own electric sessions here in Brighton on Sunday.

If you could be anyone of anything for a day what would it be and why?
I think on a day like this, I would be one of those people who had chosen to stay in Brighton as a lifestyle choice  because they don’t really have to work and go and sit on the beach all day. Today I would be them.

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