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Nourishing Face Oil, ishga Skincare Scottish Hebrides, Lady Loves BeautyI have been dowsing myself in Scottish seaweed lately – well not literally but in the form of oil products from ishga Skincare.

I reviewed their Invigorating Body Oil, which I am still applying day and night for gorgeous, silky smooth, moisturised skin. As well as loving oils for the body, I also love a good face oil too.

One of the biggest misconceptions of face oils is that a) it makes the skin more oily and b) isn’t suitable for people with oily skin. This simply is not the case. There are a range of oils that can help that issue as well as nourish your skin to its full potential. After all, oil can sink deeper into the skin than a cream.

Lady loves Beauty, isshga nourishing face oil review, beauty blogger brighton, The Nourishing Face Oil by ishga Skincare is the perfect pick me up of quality ingredients that pack a punch. Infused with essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants to rehydrate and tone the skin. Regular use of this Nourishing Face Oil will leave your skin moisturised and silky smooth.  One of the biggest things that I notice from using this product regularly, is how toned and radiant my skin looks.
Perfect for applying in the morning ever so lightly after your cleanse. All you need is a few drops in the palm of your hands, warm the oil in your hands and gently press the oil onto the face – do not rub, press. (To do this, lay your hands on top of your face, repeat this process until your face and neck are infused with the Nourishing Face Oil.)

Lady Loves Beauty,  Beauty Blogger Brighton, ishga skincare, nourishing face oil review, best face oils, organic face oils, As I have said before, seaweed is such an amazing ingredient for the skin. It’s healing and moisturising properties work as one with your skin. After all, it is made by Mother Nature making it natural and more in sync with your bodies make up than synthetic products.  As you can see from the photo above, the Nourishing Face Oil does not leave too much of an oily texture on the skin once it has been absorbed. I love that I can apply it in the morning and know that my skin is moisturised throughout the day. I find my make up stays on better too.

Nourishing Face oil by ishga skincare review, Lady Loves Beauty, facial oil, organic face oil, face oil review, best face oils, In the evening I like to add the oil a little more liberally and take it right down to my decolletage. It is really important (especially in your mid twenties when you are approaching the BIG 3-0) to take your facial moisturiser, serum, treatment all the way down to your decolletage, an area just as important as the face which sometimes gets forgotten.  No one wants a saggy chest when they are older. So take heed.

I truly love the Nourishing Face Oil from ishga Skincare, it is now one of my firm favourites in my skincare routine.  It feels so luxurious on the skin and the results are fantastic.  Who would not want perfectly moisturised and toned, radiant skin? Exactly.

ishga Skincare Nourishing Face Oil is available online at £60 for 50ml.  A little goes a very long way with this product, so you really get your monies worth.

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