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You may have heard me bang on about ishga, an amazing natural organic brand from the Scottish Hebrides that specialise in the production of products jam-packed with Hebridean Seaweed. Amazing for the skin. I have been stopped by strangers to ask about my amazing glowing complexion and it has been all down to these wonderful products. Their Marine Anti-Oxidant Cream has transformed my skin.

ishga Invogorating Body Oil Hebrides Islands ScotlandWhen I received the fabulous Invigorating Body Oil by ishga, I just about jumped for joy.

Body oils for me are the best thing to nourish your body.  My skin instantly feels renewed, glossy and super soft.  What is more, the Invigorating Body Oil by ishga has multiple benefits.  Seaweed is more than what washes up on the beach, it contains ingredients like Vitamins A, C and E as well as traces of amino acids and elements. What this means, is that the skin receives a burst of powerful vitamins and minerals which aid blood circulation, moisture content as well as firming and regenerating the skin.  It also works to detoxify the skin.

inshga invigorating body oil scottish hebridean islandsinshga invigorating body oil scottish hebridean islands lady loves beautyA little goes a long way. This oil sinks deep into the skin, and once it has ‘set in’, it is not too slippery, more of a dry oil finish.  I have been applying this oil morning and night, liberally all over my body, with particular focus on my legs. (Summer around the corner and all).  Another benefit of Hebridean seaweed is it’s magical ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite. After four weeks of solid use I can confirm that my body looks more supple, more nourished and the cellulite dimples on my upper thighs appear to be diminished leaving a healthy glow.

inshga invigorating body oil scottish hebridean islands lady loves beautyinshga invigorating body oil scottish hebridean islands lady loves beautyI am very happy with the results.  My favourite thing about the oil is just how nourished my legs look. To the point that I can’t stop feeling how silky soft they are. Perfect pins – thank you ishga. Sometimes I apply the ishga regenerating Oil then layer Moisturiser on top, (I learned this little trick when I had a Massage at The Reading Room Day Spa) this leaves your skin feeling softer than ever in the morning, but it can be a bit of a slippery affair before bed. Just to be warned.

photo 1(39)nshga invigorating body oil scottish hebridean islands lady loves beautyThe ishga Regenerating Oil is not really scented, but is pleasant to apply, and does not interfere with your perfume. Perfect for applying over the summer days wearing your favourite summer dress and having cocktails with the girls. Enviable silky skin.

ishga Skincare products are available online on their website and the Body Oil costs just £35 for 100ml.

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