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bare-minerals-moxie-lipstick-eyeshadow-green-eyes.jpgA simple day time look with a smokey twist. I am wearing Elisabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation, Bare Minerals Warmth Sculpting Powder, Laura Mercier Full Blown Lash Mascara.

On the eyes we have a selection of three mineral eye shadows from Bare Minerals. Firstly, Queen Phyllis – I applied this shade all over the lid with a large eye shadow brush, taking the shadow right up to the brow bone. This gives an all over neutral sheen to the lids.

Next I worked in some Bare Minerals Sundress eye shadow into the centre of my lid to really open the eyes.  I placed this colour onto the lids so it is more vibrant in the centre. Then, using a blending brush, blended out the ends. Because I have green eyes, I find a burnt orange / yellow shade to really draw attention and make my eyes sparkle.  Not too much though, or it could go really wrong.  Less is more.

Lastly, I used a shade called Moss to add some definition to the ends and taper out like a flick.  I used a precision brush, gently I applied some of the colour to the end of the eye lid and blended inwards.  I would recommend using the same brush to blend some of the colour down onto your lower lash line.  I am quite relaxed in terms of application, no need to be perfect, I find a relaxed application with lots of blending often gives the best results.

To finish off my look, I have used the amazingly moirturising Moxie Lipstick from Bare Minerals in shade Live It Up. I have naturally pale skin, the curse of the Scottish and all, so finding the right shade of red to compliment my pale skin can be difficult. Live It Up is the perfect shade, slightly more blue toned so it really pops against the contrast of my skin and my lip colour.  I also find this shade to really compliment my green eyes.

What are your favourite shades from Bare Minerals?

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