Glowing skin – something we all aim for, be it buying expensive products, following the latest trend, trying out new scrubs and polishes for promises of brighter clearer skin. We have all been there.  Luckily for you, I have been around the block a few times with this topic, it is one very close to my heart.

When I was modelling, I used to love being in hair and make up, (ok sometimes at 5am it maybe was not so much fun) the make up artisits prepping my skin for a shoot or a catwak show, I always looked amazing, my skin was always effortlessly dewy and glowing.

Over the years I have perfected my routine, using a variety of different products to achieve gloriously glowing skin.

I will admit however, I do deviate off of this list from time to time depending on my skins needs certain products may be swapped out for others, but as things stand right now, these are my go to products of the moment to achieve that gorgeous glow!

It all starts with prepping the skin.  I deep cleanse, twice, every moring and evening – I do sometimes use my Clarisonic however I do not use it every day, which is why I left it out.  My favourite cleanser of all time is by EVE LOM. My skin has never felt so good, softer than silk, this is my favourite luxury cleanser, worth every penny.  You simply massage the cleanser into the skin, it glides effortlessly, smells absolutely amazing and turns to more of an oil consistency once massaged into the skin.  I then use a hot muslin cloth rested on top of the face to open pores and allow the essential oils within the cleanser to get to work.  I repeat this process a few times before removing the cleanser with the muslin cloth.  I repeat this cleanse once more to ensure all make up and dirt has been removed.

Now I will say that after this point my face is already glowing. Using this cleanser on its own still provides a radiant finish.  However, I would advise following up your cleanse with a facial treatment once or twice a week.  I have included two masks, my all time favourite mask is by Dr Sebagh, his deep exfoliating treatment shows instant results, which is why I think it is worth the pricetag.  If my skin looks a bit dull or dry, I use my Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask on my skin, (it nips a wee bit but that just means it’s working) when you wipe it off you are left with radiant looking fresh faced skin.  Again, using this product on its own will still make your skin look amazing, but using it in combination with these other products as a routine will give you amazing results.

I have also included Glam Glow Miracle Mud, this little beauty is a massive cult favourite, celebrities everywhere swear by this mask, now I think it is really really good, but in terms of instant results, I do prefer the Dr Sebagh product.

Glam Glow is a mud treatment, you need to apply a thin layer of the mud onto the face, allow it to set and then wipe it off with a hot muslin cloth.  Skin looks noticeably brighter, tigher and radiant. You can also get a little mini pot from Space NK, I just love this size for taking it on holiday in case my skin needs a quick pick me up.  Small enough to travel anywhere, a functional product as well as an effective one.

My latest skin innovation is the discovery of ishga Skincare. The Scottish skincare company that produce products made from Hebridean Seaweed.  I have reviewed both of the products listed, the Regenrating Face Serum and the Anti-Oxidant Marine Cream, both of these products work amazingly well together, but the results are quite astonishing.  After using both products for two weeks I was being asked by strangers what I did to my skin to make it look so good.  It seems seaweed is rather fabulous for the skin.  I have noticed an overall improvement in skin firmness, radiance & brightness. All in all, ishga Skincare products are keeping my skin looking youthful – what more can a woman ask for?  I have been using both products every day after cleansing or after my treatment mask.  My skin is nourished all day long.  I am super impressed by the range from ishga Skincare.

Moving onto make-up application, I have been using Hourglass Veil Primer for over a year now and it is by far the best primer I have tried. Gorgoeus silky application and it works amazingly well with the Hourglass Teint Veil Fluid Foundation.  Just the perfect amount of coverage with a nice glowing finish. This foundation is absolutely amazing, and it was my number one selection until very recently – I started using Elizabeth Arden’s new hydrating foundation and I think it might just push Hourglass off of the top spot, (more to come on this foundation soon, still in the testing stage but I am very very impressed).

When highlighting the skin, I quite like to use a blush / highlighter combo like NARS Liquid Blush Highlighter in Orgasm.  Another staple product I have repurchased for years.  This is the best product ever, the colour of the blush is just the right shade of pink and with the illuminessence of the liquid on the cheeks it gives just enough of a highlight to sculpt the cheeks without looking oily or shiny.  This is a super multi tasking product, I use it on my lips and sometimes on my brow bone as well as cheeks to add some definition. NARS Orgasm Liquid Blush Highlighter is a must have for your make up bag in my opinion.

Taking it to the hands, Dr. Haushka Neem Nail Oil.

How I lived without this product in my life for so long I will never know, because now – it never leaves my handbag and I use it almost every day.  A simple pen like shape with a soft nib, simply run the pen around your nail and cuticles every day to keep them nourished and soft.  I sometimes end up with the odd scraggly looking finger, you know the sort, one that has a cut in the corner or some dry skin, when this happens my Neem Nail Oil by Dr Haushka is an absolute life saver. Nails are left looking healthy and shiny.

I like to top my nourished nails with a nice nude nail polish and I am loving this one by Tom Ford. A simple natural shade to keep the hands looking lady like.

Last but not least in my quest for ultimate glowing skin, is the best nighttime facial oil I have ever used.  This Cell Repair Night Oil by Aurelia Skincare literally transforms the skin.  My skin looks amazing each morning, very radiant and fresh, this oil is a must have in my skin care regime. I apply my Aurelia Cell repair Night Oil after I have deep cleansed in the evening, applying this silky oil onto the skin after using the EVE LOM cleanser is an absolute dream.

I am very interested to try more from the Aurelia range, if their Cell Repair Night Oil is anything to go by, I think I could be in for a treat!

I find that the products mentioned, when used regularly, give me the the most beautiful glowing skin, together with a healthy diet, lots of water and exercise I believe this combination to be a winning story for me.

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