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I got this gorgeous nail polish as part of a birthday gift this weekend. Since I have been flirting on and off with the colour of pink I decided to experiment with my nails. Especially since this shade is called Barbie Pink!

The first coat was pretty pale, which would be nice for a relaxed day look if you just want to add a light pop of colour to the nails. After two coats of nail polish I had the desired colour of pink I was looking for.

I decided to dig out my Rococo Super Gloss Top Coat and Swarovski Crystals. I am not one for big bling but I wanted to add a little sparkle, something understated but still quite cute and classy.


Above is the finished article. Simple pink nails with a solitary Swarovski Crystal in the centre of each bottom nail. Simple yet eye-catching, I did toy with the idea of doing a line of crystals or other shapes but I actually quite liked the simplicity of the one Swarovski crystal.

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