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Ishga SkincareI came across this fabulous new brand on Twitter, I have a bit of a soft spot for Scotland, being Scottish and all, but the fact this brand were using natural ingredients from the Scottish Hebrides caught my attention immediately.

ishga which derives from the Gaelic word for Water, is a brilliant new Scottish brand focused on bringing you skincare which includes the finest ingredients from the wonderful Hebrides in Scotland. My parents visited the Hebrides a few years ago, I could not believe my eyes when my mum showed me her photos, you wouold have thought she was somewhere in the Carribean, clear blue seas and white sandy beaches, the only give away was my poor mum wrapped up to the nines standing on this gorgeous beach, hat, scarf, gloves the lot! But utterly breathtaking views! It is no wonder that the Hebrides has some of the cleanest waters in the world.

ishga sustainably hand harvest their seaweed to produce a 100% organic ingredient which is used in their skincare range.  ishga claims that they believe to have the highest quality seaweed content in their products than any other seaweed skincare product in the market. Which is a fabulous fact consdering scientific tests have shown that Hebridean seaweed contains natural anti-oxidants that have anti-ageing properties.  These properties help to protect and nourish the skin, I have been using some of their products so stay tuned to Lady Loves Beauty for the review in a few weeks, I can say though .. my skin is super soft and has a gorgeous glow about it.  I think my Scottish skin loves the scottish seaweed!

ishga Skincare would be a realy good gift for your lady this Valentines.  Not only are you getting them something luxurious and scientificlly proven, but also a natural product which will give gorgeous results. See below for my top three products to buy for Valentines Day.


ishga Scottish Seaweed Active Cleansing Lotion

A gorgeous Cleansing Lotion jam packet full of effective ingredients.  This cleansing lotion will easily remove make up and dirt from the face leaving it clean and refreshed.  A product that is ideal for all skin types, ingredients include Brown Algae Seaweed which is rich in anti oxidants, Jojoba Oil which acts as an anti inflammatory as well as being rich in anti-oxidants, Glycerine, Bergamot Orange Oil for its calming and soothing properties as well as Lemon Rind for its antiseptic and cleaning properties. A great cleanser to restore a sense of calm to your face. Especially after the weather we having been having of late.


ishga Scottish Seaweed Regenerating Face Serum

This is one of the products I am testing at the moment, I do not want to give too much away but I can honestly say that my skin is looking more radiant by the day, very toned with a clear complexion.  A great everyday serum to help fight signs of ageing and keep skin looking youthful and dewy. This product works best when teamed with the Anti Oxidant Marine Cream below.


ishga Scottish Seaweed Anti-Oxidant Marine Cream

A luxurious face cream jam paked full of potent organic ingredients such as Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel Oil, Macadamia nut oil, Thistle oil, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera concentrate, enriched with Seaweed Extract.  This Anti -Oxidant Marine Cream by ishga will boost hydration and well as giving the skin a natural glow, you will see even better results when teamed with the Regenerating Face Serum above.

These products would also be a great gift idea for Mothers day. Which is coming up not long after Valentines day.  Be ahead of everyone else and get something diffierent for your significant other or your mother. They will love you for it.

To view the full ishga range, please click here.

To purchase the products mentioned in this post see below:

ishga Scottish Seaweed Active Cleansing Lotion

ishga Scottish Seaweed Regenerating Face Serum

ishga Scottish Seaweed Anti-Oxidant Marine Cream