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Green Mandarin & Papaya Cleansing Cream

I have been using the Green Mandarin & Papaya Cleansing Cream from the Lisa Armitage range for 2 weeks. I am just as impressed with this cleanser as I was with her Orchid Radiance Moisturiser and Super Anti Oxidant Serum (click here to read that review).

Not only are the ingredients pure and divine but the overall result on my skin is very noticeable.

When the weather starts to get colder my skin has a hissy fit for a few weeks where it takes time to adjust to the weather. I had signs or dryness, dehydration, even some small spots.
Since using this wonderful Green Mandarin & Papaya Cleansing Cream from Lisa Armitage my face has restored a sense of calm, looks brighter and really hydrated.

I have been using the Green Mandarin & Papaya Cream Cleanser with hot water and a Muslim cloth, then I suddenly thought, what about my Clarisonic?? Well, it works fabulously with that as well. A nice deep clean and skin is not left feeling tight which is always a bonus.

Lisa uses the finest natural ingredients which work so well with your skin. No harsh chemicals or nasty ingredients so the skin is able to work in harmony with her products so you can get the best out of your skin. Inside this wonder cleanser you will find; Papaya and Watermelon Seed Extracts – which help to get rid of dead skin cells which leaves your skin looking bright and fresh. Kokum Butter, Camellia Kissi and essential omega’s – which helps to restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin. Finished with the scent of Green Mandarin essential oils – how lovely!

If the ingredients are not enough to sway you then consider the price, an affordable £13.50 for 100ml. Which is great value when you see how well it stands up against some super brands. (Dr.Hauschka and Liz Earle to name a few.)

I will definitely be adding the Green Mandarin & Papaya Cream Cleanser to my Love List!

Visit LisaArmitage.com to view the rest of her amazing skin care collection. They would make excellent Christmas gifts. Her Pomegranate and Goji Berry Intensive Beauty Balm looks amazing.

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