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I came across the lovely Ruth Romano on Twitter, after clicking on her site and reading about her story I knew I just had to try her products out.

This Christmas I have been giving great thought to what gifts I will be buying and where I shall be buying them from.
I really want to get some if not all of my gifts this year from small up and coming brands, not only will you be able to buy unique gifts uniquely handcrafted but it will also help to boost small amazing businesses. Ruth Romano is one of these.

Her story was so inspiring, and it really hit home with me. Ruth is a breast cancer survivor and became increasingly interested in what chemicals were inside our every day beauty and skin care products. We unknowingly cover ourselves in chemicals and nasty ingredients from certain everyday products. Science is linking these unnatural chemicals to illnesses and it does make the mind boggle whether we are infact polluting our bodies unnecessarily.

I read an amazing book by Jillian Michaels called Mastering Your Metabolism. Although this book was mainly focused around the food that we eat it also spoke in-depth about the chemicals within processed foods and within packaging which was contributing to ill health.

The link between chemicals in food and packaging and those within our skin care products is very clear – they can both affect our health.

Amazing brands such as Dr. Hauschka, Elemental Herbology and Balance Me Beauty are only a few of the many brands who pride themselves in pure and natural ingredients

Ruth Romano began to tackle this issue of what she was putting onto her skin by formulating her own natural ranges of soaps, lip balms and bath soaks, using natural ingredients all from her fabulous farm cottage in Cheshire.

The range is simple but absolutely fantastic.

I have been using the lip balm for weeks and my lips are so nourished, soft and feel ultra smooth. I loved the lime flavouring, it is not too over powering but it has a refreshing feel to it.

If lime is not your favourite flavour, fear not. Ruth has formulated a nice selection of complimentary flavours for her lip balms including Cocoa Butter, Sweet Orange, Honey and of course the Lime. These fabulous handcrafted lip balms are only £3.99 and I think would make the best stocking filler for your friends and family. Even men wear lip balms now a days so the lime one could be a perfect little gift for the men in your life too. Such an amazing price point for a product so ethically sourced and produced.

Another fabulous every day product, soap. I think you would be absolutely staggered to know about some of the chemicals within some of the top soap brands. Ruth has included the most naturally sourced ingredients including pure oil extracts from plants. Her soaps are a dream to use. I am not normally a soap bar fan, I find they leave my skin tight and can be rather drying. My skin felt very moisturised after using the Ruth Romano Lemongrass Soap bar. I was very surprised, my skin did not feel tight. The smell is very awakening and fresh. Ruth has four different fragranced soap bars, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Cedar-wood & Pine as well as the Lemongrass. Mr LL also rather liked the Lemongrass Soap bar so I think the Lemongrass and Cedar Wood & Pine soap bars will go down a treat with the men in the family. I will create a little skin care gift sets and butch up the male ones course.
These soaps make a great gift and also make it easy to transition into a more natural way of cleaning. You can snap up these Soap bars by Ruth Romano for only £4.99.

As well as the soaps and balms you will find a great selection of bath soaks in indulgent and relaxing scents. Perfect for those days when you need to relax in the bath. You can view Ruth’s Bath Soaks here and they are only £6.99.

Weddings Favours and Party Gifts is another thing Ruth has covered. I think this is such a beautiful idea for wedding favours or if you have a party and need a little thank you gift. Presented in a little cardboard box with hearts cut from musical paper is a lovely heart shaped soap bar. Prices start from £37.50 for 50 small hearts. What a lovely idea and great wedding favour gift. I shall be keeping that in mind for when I get married.

I am a huge fan of the Ruth Romano range I am very excited to see this brand grow so be sure to check out her website www.ruthromano.com and stock up on her products this Christmas 😉 be different, let’s inspire small businesses this Christmas and discover new brands as well as fantastic gifts.

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