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Spa Fabulous – Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator £36.00

Wow. Just wow. I am so very glad I decided to try this product. All I can say is I AM IN LOVE! If you are a regular reader you will know I LOVE my exfoliants, from Alpha H to Dr Sebagh I am all for exfoliating to have better brighter more glowing skin. I usually use more of a chemical exfoliant rather than a scrub as I find them more effective (In my opinion).

However, the Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator by Spa Fabulous does exactly what it says in the box.
I noticed an instant improvement on my skin after using it, more plumped, really glowing, leaving my skin fresh and wow looking, all before any moisturisers or make up are applied.

The brand name itself, Spa Fabulous, I mean how lovely! I love how inviting their brand is, together with products that do actually live up to their potential. I am very very impressed. The Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator gets the Lady Loves sign of approval!

I did not know much of Spa Fabulous before trying their Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator, which is a pleasant surprise as I now have a brand I would love to invest in and try more of their wonderful sounding products.

I am very, very impressed. The Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator gets the Lady Loves sign of approval.

Spa Fabulous’ Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator has already won awards such as the Award Winning Unique Organic Exfoliant, receiving a Highly Commended Recommendation by the Free Skin Care Awards and Best Exfoliator in the Biteable Beauty Awards 2013, they are already creating a buzz in the beauty industry for sure, and I now see why.

A brilliant exfoliant which can be used 3 times a week, (I will alternate this with my Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Treatment), the Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator has lots of wonderful wee beads that can be worked into the skin to work its wonders on scaring, dull and dehydrated skin. I love the texture, the little beads buff easily – not to harsh but very effective, you can feel them get to work on the skin. The Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator works absolute wonders on concentrated problem areas, just spend an extra few seconds buffing those areas to reveal glowing skin.

Some of the amazing ingredients include, sweet almond, rose hip seed oil, lemongrass, lavender and Salic acid. A fantastic combination of ingredients to sooth the skin, improve texture and diminish scars. Salic acid is also rather helpful in terms of removing dead skin cells, perfect for glowing skin.

A fantastic exfoliator, I would highly recommend trying it.

To view the Organic Heavenly Glow Exfoliator and other products from the Fabulous Spa range, please click here.

Love D xxx

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