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Tracy Anderson, Metamorphosis, Workout, DVD, Body Sculpting

Tracy Anderson, Metamorphosis, Workout, DVD, Body Sculpting

So I decided to give the almighty Tracy Anderson a bit of a try, seeing as she has sculpted some of Hollywood’s finest bodies. What a work out, I tell you.  Tuesday was day one and I struggled with the workouts.  They are hard-core for someone who has not exactly been exercising much of late.

There are 3 elements to the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis work out, your daily cardio (in the form of a dance routine) and sculpting exercises including weights and mat work. The final stage is the eating plan.

As it stands at the moment, I am unsure if I will be following the Tracy Anderson eating plan. I have no doubt in my mind I probably would be more toned and have a better body if I did follow the eating plan, but for me, it just simply does not seem enough food for me to consume on a daily basis.  I have the metabolic rate of an athlete (last time I was assessed) so I have a very very fast metabolism, the eating plan to me is just a little too strict and I no doubt would lose weight, which is the opposite to what I want.  I am already very thin, which is partly the reason why I do not do much exercise is due to not wanting to lose weight.  When I become fitter, my body burns more calories, therefore I need to eat more to prevent any weight loss. My diet at the moment is very good, I have a healthy mix of lean proteins, good carbs, fruit and veg and absolutely no packaged or pre made meals. I suppose a variation of what Tracy is trying to achieve but with larger portions!

Once I have got my fitness back up to a level and I am seeing results I may do the eating plan as part of a detox, however I feel at the moment it may be overkill with the amount of exercise I will be doing with this Metamorphosis workout.

So day one, WOW Tracy has some stamina.  There she is doing repetition after repetition and not even breaking a sweat.  Then there is me on the floor panting and sweating – not an attractive thought.  I did find the first session to be a bit of a killer, as well as realising just how unfit I was due to not being able to keep up. So we shall give the first session about 70% out of 100 due to missing some of the repetitions out!

I did really like her ethos on her workout, where she is exercising all the tiny little muscles to create a very sculpted shape. And I can tell you after a day of rest – I am still aching in places I never knew had muscles! No pain no gain, right?

Once the dance cardio was finished (I might add that this is hard to follow, you literally have to watch what she is doing and copy her – there are no directions, I struggled with getting it first time and I was a dancer for 10 years, but bear with it, just keep your body moving and try to copy her actions, after a few days of this you will slowly start picking pieces up of the routine, after a week or so I would imagine you have it pretty nailed!) so as I was saying, the dance cardio had finished and I had to lie on the floor to get my breath back, my body was in meltdown, not to mention exercising in this heat so recovery was essential before moving on to the mat work.

Worked Out! Me Recovering on the floor after a brutal Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Workout!

Worked Out! Me Recovering on the floor after a brutal Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Workout!

Once the mat work started I found this a lot easier to follow, doing lots of variation and different moves to get all the muscles working, this is where the repetitions killed me. The burning feeling in my legs and bum were seriously unreal. But no pain is no gain. So come on Tracy, give me the best you got!

Today is day 2 – (yesterday was a cheeky day off as I thought I may be crippled in pain if I did it two days in a row) and while I am still aching I am so ready for another workout.

This is a jam-packed workout session that really pushes you out of your comfort zone and I anticipate great results from it.  Once I had finished the Tracy Anderson mat workout session I had to lie on the floor for 45 mins to recover. I like feeling like I have been worked to the core, and Tracy did exactly that.  I will keep you all updated on the progress and even try get some of the before and after images up so we can all hopefully see an improvement and transformation, my goal is something along the lines of a physique like a Victoria’s Secret Model. Now they are hot!

Hope you are all loving the sunshine.  Feel free to ask any questions on my progress with the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis, and also if any of you have done this workout, please let me know your thoughts on the eating plan, did you find it worked?

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