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Morning all – isn’t this second hit of winter just lovely! NOT! Where oh where is spring?? This time last year I went to my cousins wedding in Reading. Absolutely scorching it was! Look at it now!!! I’m wrapped up to the heavens and definitely feeling the cold!!

With that being said – I have been indoors, recovering from the last of my flu virus. I have become addicted to pinning – I’m pinning everything – on Pinterest of course.

And not just beauty, I have boards covered for everything. In particular I am loving home wares and looking for baby stuff! I’m going to be an auntie in a few weeks so getting lots of inspiration.

I love the thought behind Pinterest – I have always been a moodboard maker I love collating my ideas and displaying them in a creative way. I often find I am searching so much that sometimes I cannot find some of the little gems I have discovered! Pinterest allows you to pin these items to boards so you do not loose them 😉

I thought I’d share my Pinterest profile with you all – feel free to pop on over and see what I have been up to.

Ease you into a morning at work 😉

You can follow me too 😉


Have a great Day 😉

If you are on Pinterest – leave me a link to your profile 😉

Love Love

Danielle xxx