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Hello all

So I am coming to an end my recovery of the flu. One thing the doctor told me to focus on this week, was rest.

It became clear just how much I have been burning myself out for months.
And in a way maybe it was meant to happen. I have been feeling this real sense of ‘fate’ over the last week, from meeting an amazing Indian head masseuse who led me onto an amazing book (How to Heal Your Life by Louise Hay) which then led me on to discovering the Ayurvedic way of life. This week really has been a bit of a turning point in my life.

Since today I am leaving the house (pretty much the second time in 2 weeks) I wanted to share some of the ways I am helping to boost my confidence and feel a little more fabulous despite the lingering flu symptoms.

Iv just got out of the shower, exfoliated, moisturised, shaved and buffed to perfection. I used my Clarisonic with my L’occitane Foaming Face Wash. I have used some moisturiser on some of the drier parts on my body, but not all over as I am going to apply a little fake tan!

The biggest tip I have taken from both the Louise Hay book and the Ayurvedic lifestyle is to love myself more. In almost every action we do. So that is my fist tip

#1 Love thy self more.

By stoping the criticising and belittling and choosing only to think positively it has lifted my mood. When we are happy we feel much better about things. Try loving yourself more today.

#2 Eat well

As much as I love a bit of junk food, thinking about what we put into our bodies has a positive effect if we eat the right things. I have introduced more fruit and fluids into my diet. And eating a breakfast each day as it is usually the meal I tend to skip.

#3 Pamper thy self

I love a little luxury in my life. And when I’m down or feeling ill sometimes a good product can make you feel good.
Today I am doing the works. I started with my clarisonic and now I am going to apply a Deep Exfoliating Treatment to my face.


The one I am using is by Dr Sebagh and is just amazing, you really notice the results after each use. Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask helps to give added radiance and a wonderful glow – just what every girl needs. The texture glides on the face easily – just apply and wait ten minutes then gently remove the mask from the face with lukewarm water. I use a muslin cloth.(An Eve Lom one to be precise).

**dancing to Annie Mac whilst waiting for the mask to get to work **

Now that’s all washed off 😉 I am now going to apply the wonderful Dr Sebagh Luminous Cream


This little number does exactly what it says on the box! When you open the jar – it has the most gorgeous sheen to it – once applied you feel an instant tightening feeling as well as immediately making the skin appear brighter, radiant and a lot more youthful.
This is an instant pick me up – it makes you feel luxurious and the product works wonders, expensive I will give you that but with its amazing effects you definitely get your monies worth.

#4 Viva La Exercise

Now not everyone enjoys it but we should all know by now that even as little as 30 mins cardio a week can improve our health and fitness and just generally make us feel a bit better. It gets the good hormones pumping around the body. I am a member of a bootcamp club I go to in the summer months (umm summer?? Where are you??!!) but when the weather is a little ghastly I must admit I do not go out in it – but at home I have my own little routine! I use workout videos such as my favourite – Jillian Michaels who in my opinion just hits the spot in terms of a work out. Jillian makes you work and she really knows her stuff. I have read a few of her books and they are really inspiring and a little addictive if I am being honest.


The point being here is – try to do a little, every other day or once a week to build yourself up to doing more and you will notice a difference in how you feel. As well as shifting a few pounds and tightening up some areas in the process. Bonus!

Hopefully after doing the above you feel a little more upbeat within yourself, have more energy and look fabulous after applying those luxury products!

Lots of love