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Hello lovelies.

Long time no speak ay!! I’m writing from my sickbed in a bid to distract myself from the pulsating pain across my head and sinuses!!

Just wanted to show a quick pic of the Runway Show I did on my Birthday. Modelling for the wonderful
Ailsa Rollo – I had the best time walking the catwalk for the Red Nose Runway!

The venue was divine – a gorgeous gothic inspired church – we walked the runway to The Gossip – Heavy Cross. I was totally channeling my inner Charlize Therone whilst strutting my stuff.

I wore the gorgeous Me Me Mu Cloud Cape – you can see me in the photo arms stretched to show the glorious-ness of this item of clothing.

I was absolutely over the moon to be given the outfit I walked in as a birthday present from the designer – I literally walked straight off the catwalk and then out for my birthday celebrations.

Life being an Ailsa girl is truly fabulous.

The Red Nose Runway was a huge success and I hope lots of money was raised!!

Apologies I have been quiet on the beauty front – when I’m feeling so ill and yucky it doesn’t feel right talking about glowing skin when lets face it – no amount of products in the world can make you literally feel better when really ill! Oh ok except maybe a couple – for example, I seem to change what scents I like when I am ill, where something like Mr LL’s aftershave I love – when I am ill the smell can make me feel quite sick. The same goes for my beauty products – some scents work and others don’t. One which has been like a comfort blanket to me is my Dr.Hauschka Lavender and Sandalwood Moisturiser. The scent is not overpowering, but really lifts my senses and makes me feel a little more tranquil. I have been applying it morning, noon and night recently on my tired sore skin, leaving it nourished and soothed. I have also found it to help before bed, the scent of lavender and sandalwood really relaxes the mind which seems to be more noticeable when I’m ill – I really do notice a difference!

While on the subject of the wonderful Dr.Hauschka, we have Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday. They really have every angle covered in terms of the perfect gift for your mother! Head on over to Dr.Hauschka and have a browse. Your mum will love you for it!

I really really recommend the Rose Duo set which comes with their iconic Rose Day Cream and Rose Body Moisturiser. What’s more – if you buy direct from Dr.Hauschka you earn points … Which can then be redeemed against their products, what a brilliant incentive 😉 treat for mum and treat for you as well!

Well I am going to crawl back to bed now and try get some rest. Fever has gone crazy!

I would be delighted if any of you have any recommendations or remedies to help flu/ sinusitis.. Please leave me a comment below. Need to get better quickly!!

Hope you have all had a wonderful day. It’s almost the weekend.

Big love


Lady Loves Beauty