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The wonderful Reading Room Day Spa. As you know, from my previous review (read it here.) I visited the Reading Room Day Spa and had 2 treatments. The first of which I will write about now, and the other to come 😉 so be sure to subscribe to the blog via email to make sure you receive it straight to your inbox in the morning 😉

I arrived for my Detox Wrap, a wonderful experience comprised of, relaxing feet exfoliation with an Enzyme Salt Scrub, body brushing, use of Aromatherapy Revive Products; Body Gel / Oil, Rose Body Cream, Body Wrapped in Plastic, Scalp Massage and Full Body Massage.

Holly, my beauty therapist for the afternoon, allowed me to get changed into the robe and slippers provided, once ready I sat on the chair and got ready for my Foot Treatment! Using an Enzyme Salt Scrub Holly began exfoliating the product into my feet, really relaxing. There are so many pressure points on the feet, I love a foot massage, but Mr LL will not let anyone near his feet! Once the scrub was massaged in, Holly washed my feet with warm water and then dried them off. She asked me to lay upon the massage bed under the covers, but over the plastic sheet.


Once in position, Holly began with the body brushing, very relaxing, the whole body was brushed, you can almost feel the toxins leaving your body! She then applied the gorgeous Aromatherapy Associates Revive body gel / oil product all over my body. Afterwards she massaged in the Rose Body Moisturiser over the top of the Revive product. (I must say, I noticed a few days after the massage that my skin was absolutely silky soft, the softest it has ever been and I think this is all down to the gel / oil and lotion combination!) since I am all greased up, Holly began with the detox wrap. The plastic was wrapped around me (from chest to hips) and then left for a while to get to work. While this was all going on, Holly began the scalp Massage. She had some gorgeous scented oil in her hand, she placed her hands over my face and asked me to inhale, then exhale. The product smelt amazing. She then worked the product into my hair and scalp and began the massage. Extremely relaxing, to the point I almost drifted off.

Once I had been wrapped for a while and my wonderful head massage was finished, I felt so relaxed I forgot I still had a full body massage to go.

I am like putty. Before the massage, myself and Holly discussed my problem areas, (neck and back) so she was going to apply pressure in those particular areas to release the pain and stress in my back. Although certain times it was quite painful, it was perfect, in order to really undo some of those knots I need someone to really work them out and sometimes there is no gain without a little pain. Afterwards, just as I thought I could not feel any more relaxed, I was in new realms of relaxation. Next I was brought a glass of water and advised to get up when I was ready and I could make my way to the relaxation room where’s refreshments would be waiting.

As I said in my previous review, the relaxation room is just the perfect way to end your spa day.
I had some coffee with some dried fruits and nuts.

When it was time to leave, I could barely function one leg in front of the other (wearing heels was rather difficult). I spent the whole day in a relaxed haze. Lounging on the sofa and lapping up this amazing feeling. I felt so de stressed and relaxed and for someone like me who is always on the go and never stops – being relaxed is a luxury!

Reading Room Day Spa have wonderful gift vouchers available, not only is it the month of Valentines but Mothers Day is coming up too. This would be the perfect present for your loved one. Not to mention the start of an amazing journey with the Reading Room Day Spa.

As I said before. You can sign up for their monthly newsletter which has an exclusive offer each month. These are not to be missed. Their March offer is Amazing and I shall be booking in perhaps for my birthday … Give them a call before the spaces run out!

You can visit their website www.readingroomdayspa.com to view all of their wonderful treatments.

I am rather excited as I think some family members may have bought me a voucher for my birthday … So I shall be going back soon, very soon!

I hope you have a wonderful day, and hope you had a great Valentines.

I also apologise for not writing sooner – I was really ill last week which drained me of all of my energy and left me bed bound – but I am recovering and I will be writing lots over the coming weeks of some of the products I am in LOVE with.

Have a wonderful day

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