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Well hello! It has been a while hasn’t it, I apologise for that, a variety of Internet and technology issues not to mention a hectic lifestyle kept me from getting online! But I am now back with an Internet connection and working iPad (thank Gad for the WordPress app!) to be able to share my findings with you.

The wonderful Dr. Hauschka! I am a long time lover of the Rose Day Cream, and was particularly excited to try the Eye Contour Balm as I saw it on Buyapowa I think I got this one for £9 (the one I posted about buying I ended up giving as a gift.. So was glad when it came round again!) anyway, a beautiful bargain! I have been using the balm daily very lightly in the morning and a little more of a generous application in the evening. In the morning you need to do it early, as it’s quite shiny, but dab just a little after cleansing and by the time you have eaten and got ready, you will have a fresh look about your eye area to then apply your make up. In the evening I have been using it a little more liberally, not caking it on but massaging it in, so it can sink in overnight, I take it right up to the brow bone and down to the tip of my cheekbones, massaging with your ring finger in circle like motions up and around the brow area and around the eye, (I copied this from a facial I received a few weeks ago 😉 ) its very relaxing to do whilst lying in bed before sleeping.*

The results for me are amazing. I look so fresh, my eyes are notoriously baggy with dark circles and emerging crows feet but now this all seems to have diminished. Skin looks more moisturised, younger and brighter. It is a staple in my beauty routine, I have recommended it to everyone I know.

Dr. Hauschka says, “The delicate skin around the eyes is soothed, toned and strengthened with this cream containing special plant extracts and oils. Use in the mornings after moisturising
Helps maintain the tone and elasticity of the eyelids.
Soothes away irritations in the eye area, for example hay fever, after exposure to smoky atmosphere.”

I can confirm that all of the above is correct! You should invest in this product immediately! It is also quite handy for soothing cracked sore lips.

*Interestingly on the Dr. Hauschka website for this product, it says not to use at night time because the skin is ‘excreting’ toxins from the body and that they do not recommend using any creamy substances on the skin. While I agree with the fact the skin is excreting toxins, I would say that my results with using it at night (and I use it every night but not always every morning) prove there is a benefit to using it in the evenings. I always wear a night cream, or an oil, or a resurfacing treatment like Dr. Perricone SUPER Red Algae Overnight Treatment, I suppose every one is different, and for me this works.

I love you Dr. Hauschka, what an amazing brand, with amazing products. Go treat your eyes to this silky soothing balm 😉 they will love you for it.

Keep an eye out on the Buyapowa website as they do amazing discounts on luxurious products.

It’s Friday tomorrow!

Love Lady Loves xx