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Once again the wonders of BuyaPowa catch my eye. You know, this co buying shopping approach is rather addictive, what is not to love, products you would like to try, at a cheaper price than the RRP, it really is a no brainer!

I have tried Nanoblur, and if you look at my 2 reviews on nanoblur, I was rather happy with the results, being from the same brand, Snoxin claims to help the anti ageing process by jam packing peptides into their product which are apparently more concentrated than those of high end beauty products. (I would like to test this statement!)

Retailing in the shops for £30, Buyapowas £15 is enough to make me buy it to try it, even though I may not necessarily need it. Besides, I can review the product for you guys and reveal the findings.

I will be interested to see if the product has short term effects in terms of ‘fixing’ like the nanoblur, or whether Snoxin is really the powerhouse anti ageing product it claims to be.

To grab your hands on this amazing BuyaPowa deal, click below


There are only 15 available for £15 so be quick.

I can’t see them being around for long, (better make that 14 left as I am purchasing mine now!)

Happy Easter everyone

Love Lady Loves