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those of you who follow me regularly will know how much a ranted and raved about the wonders of Nanoblur Optical Skin Cream a month or so ago after my wonder purchase from the amazing Buyapowa site.

I wanted to give a quick update, as the weather has changed so has my skin, foundations and creams are not sitting nicely, i’m drier in areas, my face just does not feel like ‘mine’ – more like it has been hijacked and I have been replaced with a face that one can only describe as rubbish!

I know that this is due to the erratic climate changes we have had, (my poor Scottish skin can’t handle the cold weather) but more so it seems to be the chopping and changing between mild days to freezing days that seems to have caused this catastrophe of a face!

With this in mind, I rummaged through my make up bag (I say bag, those of you who know me will laugh, its more like a room full of products than a ‘bag’) so anyway, I was looking for products to ease my skin, help the moisture and fix me from the neck up. There it was, Nanoblur!! I remember how excited I was with the results before, and I knew I could use the help of knocking a few years off my dull face. once applied, I discovered it SEPARATING my foundation after a few minutes, at this point I wanted to cry, my go to wonder product was now failing me. Determined as I am, I was hell-bent on not giving up. Before purchasing the product I had done my research online, lots of people referred to the product separating, or flaking off their skin, reacting with moisturisers and foundations, and now this was happening to me.

I must say I am so glad I had tried this product before and experienced NONE of the above, it made me persevere with the product.

Problem skin aside, I got to work on a solution, Nanoblur was going to be worn that day, and with no flaking or separating!

I usually applied Nanoblur over my foundation, it added a nice matte finish, however this technique was not working for me today, so tactics had to be changed.

I first tried applying it over my moisturiser, then foundation on top, granted I probably should have left the product to set longer than I did before applying the foundation, I found it was clumping the products together, a mixture of foundation, Nanoblur and moisturiser, not a good look.

I decided to start again, from scratch, deep cleanse my face. I used Lancome Baume Eclat and a muslin cloth, followed by Sanctuary’s Glowing Exfoliator, once rinsed I patted my face with a cold cloth (to close pores) applied my face serum, and patted a very small amount Dr Haushcka Rose Day Cream on my face. I then left my face for about 20 mins, allowing the products to be absorbed by the skin at their own speed (rather than rubbing them right in). this is a little time consuming so I suggest doing this first thing in the morning before you are ready, you can then potter bout the house making tea getting ready while your face is taking in the goodness of the products you have just used. Once I was ready, I headed back to the bathroom, since I had applied very little products to my face before, I decided to apply the nanoblur cream once again, using very little I tapped the cream into the desired areas, mainly along the under eyes and forehead, and any other visable creases, gently patt the product in, do not rub and do not use too much, a little goes a long way, I find the more of the nanoblur product you use the more difficult it is to achieve the flawless finish without it cakeing up! I then left my skin alone for 5 10 mins. Returned back to the bathroom, and began to patt ‘This Works no More Wrinkles’ into my face and a very small amount over the areas where I had applied the Nanoblur Optical Skin Care Cream.

Once this had set, I took to my tinted moisturiser (I have given up on foundations for the moment until my skin improves) I used a little BECCA illuminating tinted moisturiser followed by a little Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser along light reflecting areas of my face, a little Lancome Teint Miracle concealer, gently dabbed and a very small amount used. Finished off with Laura Mercier Cream Blush in Canyon, Nars Bronser in Casino and Lancome Hypnose Dramma Mascara and BECCA Finishing powder for the perfect Matte Finish. To my amazement, there I was, looking into the mirror and the shrek lookalike had diminished, leaving me looking more like the perky model with perfect skin that I used to call me!

Its now the evening and I must admit I did do a little touching up of makeup at lunchtime, but my skin has stayed clump and seperation free.

I think it really is trial and error with this product, persevere, try different things, what works for me may not work for you, but where there is a will, there is a way!

So Nanoblur is still a favourite of mine, If you are having troubles with the product, leave a comment or contact me on ladylovesbeauty@hotmail.com I will do my best to research and provide answers for you.

I hope this has helped

Love Lady Loves xxxx