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So massive apologies for being so M.I.A over the last month. I have been more available on Twitter and facebook. For those of you who don’t follow me already, you can find me on Twitter @ladylovesblog and also my facebook page, Lady Loves https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lady-Loves/131144970317076 I would advise following and liking, 😉

I am constantly searching and finding things on the net, I am surprised my iPad has not spotaneously combusted due to severe usage! I am you could say, a browsing addict. I need to get my daily dose in, an obsession, scared to miss something.

I love the web, it’s possibilities are endless. There are millions of undiscovered sites, brands and products available it’s just a matter of searching. Most people who search would give up looking after a few google pages, not me. I have seen myself searching endlessly on google, going through every listing, page after page after page, granted you come across a lot of things which are of no interest but there are the few gems that make the hours of searching worth while.

The reason for my absence is really down to losing hours of my time to searching! I would get up in the morning, aim to write a post, get distracted by checking the new in sections of websites, and before I know it I have to leave for work. The same would happen in the evening. Ridiculous behaviour.

I find that I am a really passionate person, in everything I do, I approach everything with 200% my love for beauty is the same. I am so passionate about skin care and beauty, not just from a product / brand perspective, but the genetics, the science. I will be looking to reveal some of my finds over the next few weeks, the other evening was quite funny, I constantly bookmark things as I’m searching whether it be a sit or a product article etc to the point where I have thousands! Sometimes I spend so much time searching and bookmarking that I don’t actually go through the bookmarks to view any of the items on a regular basis, so I decided to scroll through, delete the rubbish and rediscover things I have been bookmarking for months!

I came across a gorgeous aromatherapy beauty candle, made from natural oils, you burn the candle allowing it to scent the room, once the candle has melted slightly, you use the wax as a lotion on the face, sounds very bizarre, but it intrigued me greatly, it’s from an American site and the product is currently sold out. The reviews and product info say it leaves skin glowing and looking plumper and healthy, I am very keen to try, as I have this image in my head of how wax goes on your fingers when you dip them in, you know, all white and crumbly, could be a rather messy affair if applied all over the face… I will continue researching to see if there are other candle like products that way I can review and let you know how they perform.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

I am off to do a facial – from home. I will be doing another post on these specifically, I cannot stress how convenient they are and essential (in my opinion) for healthy looking skin. I’m using Sanctuary Brightening Facial in-a-box. It’s a 30 minute step by step pampering treatment to enhance your skin for a radiant glow! Convenient little tubes with all the products needed, it even comes with a muslin cloth! I will enjoy the face mask whilst having a glass of cava (currently chilling in the fridge) and catching up on trash tv. Ahh.

Happy Friday

Love Lady Loves 😉