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hello all

firstly let me apologise for my absence, I seem to have neglected posting on here and had a bit of a Facebook twitter frenzy, those of you who follow me (@Ladylovesblog) will have had me in small doses, little updates and links throughout the festive period.

However, now I am back, and with a vengeance, to make 2012 my year (hmm i may be getting slight de ja vu …)

It seems we all get that burst of enthusiasm in January, whether it be to get fit, lose weight, get our dream job, and so the list goes on. Alarmingly, most of us will not keep up our good intentions throughout the year.. we fall by the way side, skip the gym, have another piece of cake, and become complacent.

This year for me will be different, I seem to go through a reinvention each January. This year is no different. I have had my long hair all chopped (I must admit I am still ‘coming to terms’ with this change – it’s absolutely gorgeous… just such a change for me…) and I am booked in to have my transformational colour this coming Monday. I have made small changes to my diet, (by small I mean I have introduced some ‘better’ foods – but i still have the odd Jam filled doughnut) I have signed myself up to a weekly workout regime courtesy of the amazing Jillian Michaels (you may recognise her from The Biggest Looser USA – Brutal but Brilliant) and so far so good I seem to be on track. Abs looking more toned, hair is growing on my day, and I am feeling good about myself.

This year I want to define and refine all things health and beauty, there are so many products, so many options, and not all of them do what they say on the tin.

I am guilty of buying lots of products, be it in beauty, skin care, everyday, I must say I have that NEED to try things and see if they live up to their expectations, there is nothing worse that investing in a cream or an item that says it will do one thing and the results are poor, I am hoping to report back with the facts and hopefully some finds 😉

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Stay Lovely

Love Lady Loves ❤